1st Edition

Analytical Affinity Chromatography

By Irwin M. Chaiken Copyright 1987

    This volume presents discussions of theoretical and experimental considerations that have led to the analytical affinity chromatography field, as well as current efforts to use this methodology to characterize the interaction mechanisms of biological macromolecules and to establish conditions for employing bioaffinity chromatographic systems as preparative tools. The chapters include a comprehensive discussion of interactive chromatography theory (DeLisi and Hethcote), a review of experimental data obtained for biological macromolecules and the relevant theoretical considerations of affinity chromatography which led to them (Swaisgood and Chaiken), an evaluation of rate processes in affinity chromatography and the potential to determine biologically meaningful chemical rate constants (Walters), and the use of quantitative and molecular considerations to design affinity chromatographic systems (Stellwagen and Liu).

    1. Chromatographic Theory and Application to Quantitative Affinity Chromatography 2. Analytical Affinity Chromatography and Characterization of Biomolecular Interactions 3. Practical Approaches to the Measurement of Rate Constants by Affinity Chromatography 4. Quantitative Considerations of Chromatography Using Immobilized Biometric Dyes


    Chaiken, Irwin M.