1st Edition

Analytical Measurements in Aquatic Environments

ISBN 9781138116528
Published June 7, 2017 by CRC Press
503 Pages 99 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Even a cursory perusal of any analytical journal will demonstrate the increasing important of trace and ultra-trace analysis. And as instrumentation continues to develop, the definition of the term "trace element" will undoubtedly continue to change. Covering the composition and underlying properties of freshwater and marine systems, Analytical Measurements in Aquatic Environments provides the basis for understanding both. It discusses all aspects of analytical protocols from the handling of representative samples to the metrological evaluation of specific steps and whole procedures. The book covers:

  • handling of representative samples
  • sample preservation techniques
  • extraction techniques
  • speciation analytics
  • solvent-free sample preparation for analysis
  • application of biotests
  • bioanalytical methods for monitoring
  • green analytical chemistry-application of the concept of sustainability in analytical laboratories
  • application of the Life Cycle Assessment approach
  • quality control and quality assurance of analytical results
  • enhanced techniques of sample preparation
  • hyphenated analytical techniques

Ecotoxicological considerations and the effort to achieve an increasingly accurate description of the state of the environment challenge analytical chemists who need to determine increasingly lower concentrations of various analytes in samples that have complex and even non-homogenous matrices. The newly coined expression "analytics" emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of available methods for obtaining information about material systems, with many methods that exceed the strict definition of analytical chemistry. Drawing on the disciplines of chemistry, physics, computer science, electronics, material science, and chemometrics, this book provides in depth information on the most important problems in analytics of samples from aquatic ecosystems.

Table of Contents

Strategy of Collecting Samples from an Aquatic Environment, B. Zygmunt and A. Banel
Preservation and Storage of Water Samples, M. Biziuk, A. Beyer, and J. Żukowska
Application of Passive Sampling Techniques for Monitoring the Aquatic Environment, G.A. Mills, R. Greenwood, I.J. Allan, E. Łopuchin, J. Brummer, J. Knutsson, and B. Vrana
Modern Techniques of Analyte Extraction, T. Barri and J.-A. Jonsson
Mineralization Techniques Used in the Sample Preparation Step, H. Matusiewicz
Biota Analysis as a Source of Information on the State of Aquatic Environments, J.P. Coelho, A.I. Lillebo, M. Pacheco, M.E. Pereira, M.A. Pardal, and A.C. Duarte
Speciation Analytics in Aquatic Ecosystems, A. de Brauwere, Y. Gao, S. De Galan, W. Baeyens, M. Elskens, and M. Leermakers
Immunochemical Analytical Methods for Monitoring the Aquatic Environment, J. Adrian, F. Fernandez, A. Muriano, R. Obregon, J. Ramon, N. Tort, and M.-P. Marco
Application of Biotests, L. Wolska, A. Kochanowska, and J. Namieśnik
Total Parameters as a Tool for the Evaluation of the Load of Xenobiotics in the Environment, T. Gorecki and H. Shaaban El-Hussieny Mohamed
Determination of Radionuclides in the Aquatic Environment, B. Skwarzec
Analytical Techniques for the Determination of Inorganic Constituents, J. Moreda-Pineiro and A. Moreda-Pineiro
Analytical Techniques for the Determination of Organic and Organometallic Analytes, E. Rosenberg
Introducing the Concept of Sustainable Development into Analytical Practice: Green Analytical Chemistry, W. Wardencki and J. Namieśnik
Chemometrics as a Tool for Treatment Processing of Multiparametric Analytical Data Sets, S. Tsakovski and V. Simeonov
Quality Assurance and Quality Control of Analytical Results, E. Bulska
Analytical Procedures for Measuring Precipitation Quality Used within the EMEP Monitoring Program, W. Aas
Life Cycle Assessment of Analytical Protocols, H. Janik and J. Kucińska-Lipka
Preparation of Samples for Analysis: The Key to Analytical Success, J. Namieśnik and P. Szefer

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