1st Edition

Analytical Psychology of Football Professional Jungian Football Coaching

Edited By John O'Brien, Nada O'Brien Copyright 2021
    270 Pages
    by Routledge

    270 Pages
    by Routledge

    Jungian psychology of football is a new and cutting edge approach being applied by Champions league teams and used in youth football training. Implications for the wider role of football organisations in society as models for the diagnosis and management of trauma and tension in our changing world are highlighted.

    Analytical Psycholog y of Football: Professional Jungian Football Coaching provides for youth trainers, accessible, scientifically based tools and techniques to develop resilience and sustain motivation in grass roots and elite footballers. The values and psychological make-up of best in class international trainers are revealed, and commented upon by a Champions League manager. Theory is traced from the early history of the game through to the present day, equipping trainers with the guiding psychological concepts which are shaping the future of the sport. Case examples of how the game can support society through periods of change, and in fact, advance civilisation are described.

    A Jungian appreciation of the transformational power of the football is a step forward for psychologists, and educators who wish to keep up with advancements in their professions, for football students and for trainers wishing to remain competitive.

    Part 1: Warming Up

    1. What is Football?

    John O’Brien

    2. Analytical Psychology of Football

    Nada O’Brien

    Part 2: First Half

    3. Football: The Journey to the Modern Game

    Mike Roberts

    4. Who is playing?

    Nada O’Brien

    5. Football as a Force for Transformation

    John O’Brien

    Part 3: Half Time

    6. The Transcendent Function

    John O’Brien

    7. Half Time Talk

    David Burston

    8. Football in the United States: The Structure and Psyche of the North American Game

    Michael Escamilla

    Part 4: Second Half: The Professional Practice of Jungian Football Coaching

    9. Diagnostic and Practice Methods: Guardians of Play

    Nada O’Brien

    10. The Soul of a Team

    Bill Beswick

    11. Ubring Copractics: Archetypes in Action on the Football Field and Beyond

    Clifford Mayes and Scott Pilkey

    12. Chasing the Dream

    Pete Lowe

    13. Putting It into Practice

    John O’Brien

    Part 5: Match Report

    Appendix: Research Report

    John O’Brien, Zarko Trebjesanin and Nada O’Brien


    John O’Brien is a Jungian analyst with 30 years experience of C-suite performance consulting in the US, the UK, Europe and Asia. A British trained MBA, M.A. and author he is presently engaged in football and its contribution to the prevention and recovery from collective traumas of social conflict and pandemic.

    Nada O’Brien is a Jungian analyst, university lecturer and author with 20 years of international consulting experience in Europe. She is currently researching and supporting innovative psychological approaches in training for coaches in youth football.

    "Soul Coaching Practice: A must read for football and soccer coaches around the world."

    Steven Means, Defensive End for the Atlanta Falcons - Super Bowl Winner and Voted the Atlanta Falcon’s NFL Man of the Year Award winner

    "Football and the psychology of football is a very well trodden path. However, work such as this is a new in the field of depth psychology. This is a valuable contribution to a new area and should be considered by all deep thinking sports practitioners coaches and players. In an age where rational data driven statistical analysis has become tired and redundant, this is a fresh approach that can compliment the contribution made by earlier cognitive ideas and philosophies."

    David Burston, Psychological Care and Healing