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1st Edition

Analyzing Social Interaction Advances in Affect Control Theory

By Lynn Smith-Lovin, David R. Heise Copyright 1988
    ISBN 9780677217802
    200 Pages
    Published January 1, 1988 by Routledge

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    First Published in 1988. This special issue of The Journal of Mathematical Sociology reports continuing work on affect control theory — a theory of social behavior that deals with role actions such as those of doctors toward patients, with deviant behaviors such as those of muggers toward victims, and with creative responses to events such as sanctioning a misbehaved child or labeling a deviant.

    Chapter 1 Affect Control Theory: Concepts and Model, David R. Heise; Chapter 2 *Collection and analyses of U.S. data were supported by National Institute of Mental Health Grant No. 1-R01-MH29978–01-SSR. Analyses of Belfast data were supported by National Science Foundation Grant No. SES-8122089. The author wishes to thank Christine P. Averett, David R. Heise, Bernadette P. Smith, Richard Sands, Beverly A. Wiggins and Dennis Willigan for extensive work on study design, data collection and processing. J. Miller McPherson and David R. Heise provided helpful comments on the manuscript., Lynn Smith-Lovin; Chapter 3 *Collection and analyses of data were supported by National Institute of Mental Health Grant No. 1-RO1-MH29978–01–SSR. The author thanks David R. Heise and J. Miller McPherson for helpful comments on the manuscript., Lynn Smith-Lovin; Chapter 4 Modified Social Identities: Amalgamations, Attributions, and Emotions, Christine Averett, David R. Heise; Chapter 5 Affective Bases of Likelihood Judgments, David R. Heise, Neil J. Mackinnon; Chapter 6 Expectations, Intentions, and Behavior: Some Tests of Affect Control Theory, Wiggins Beverly, David R. Heise; Chapter 7 *The author would like to thank David R. Heise, J. Miller McPherson and John V. Skvoretz for helpful comments on earlier drafts of this paper., Lynn Smith-Lovin;


    Lynn Smith-Lovin Department of Sociology University of South Carolina. David R. Heise Department of Sociology Indiana University.

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