1st Edition

Anatomy Of Madness Vol 2

By W F Bynum, Michael Shepherd, Roy Porter Copyright 2004

    This is a collection of essays on the history of Psychiatry. Volume II of three, offers works around the institutions and society from the eighteenth century to 1917. Most of the papers in these volumes arose from a seminar series on the history of psychiatry and a one-day seminar on the same theme held at the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, London, during the academic year 1982-83.

    Introduction 1 Bedlam: fact or fantasy? 2 Intentionality and insanity: what the eighteenth-century juror heard 3 Moral treatment at the Retreat, 1796-1846 4 Aspects of non-conformity: Quakers and the lunatic fringe 5 Locked up or put to bed: psychiatry and the treatment of the mentally ill in Sweden, 1800- 1920 6 A slavish bowing down: the Lunacy Commission and the psychiatric profession 1845-60 7 Casting out and bringing back in Victorian England: pauper lunatics, 1840-70 8 Social factors in the admission, discharge, and continuing stay of patients at Ticehurst Asylum, 1845- 1917, 9 Aspects of the history of psychiatry in Italy in the second half of the nineteenth century 10 Murder under hypnosis in the case of Gabrielle Bompard: psychiatry in the courtroom in Belle Epoque Paris 11 Shellshock and the psychologists


    W F Bynum, Michael Shepherd, Roy Porter