1st Edition

Anderson’s Travel Companion A Guide to the Best Non-Fiction and Fiction for Travelling

By Compiled by Sarah Anderson Copyright 1995

    A selection of the best in travel writing, with both fiction and non-fiction presented together, this companion is for all those who like travelling, like to think about travelling, and who take an interest in their destination. It covers guidebooks as well as books about food, history, art and architecture, religion, outdoor activities, illustrated books, autobiographies, biographies and fiction and lists books both in and out of print. Anderson's Travel Companion is arranged first by continent, then alphabetically by country and then by subject, cross-referenced where necessary. There is a separate section for guidebooks and comprehensive indexes. Sarah Anderson founded the Travel Bookshop in 1979 and is also a journalist and writer on travel subjects. She is known by well-known travel writers such as Michael Palin and Colin Thubron. Michael Palin chose her bookshop as his favourite shop and Colin Thubron and Geoffrey Moorhouse, among others, made suggestions for titles to include in the Travel Companion.

    Contents: Introduction; Guide Book Series; AFRICA: North Africa; West Africa; East AFrica; Central and Southern Africa; African Islands; AMERICAS: North America: USA and Canada; Central America; South America; Caribbean; ASIA: Middle East; Central Asia and Indian Sub-continent; Far East; South East Asia; OCEANIA: Pacific and Australasia; EUROPE: Western Europe; Central and Eastern Europe; Scandinavia; UK; Ireland; POLAR REGIONS; Index of authors, editors, translators; Index of titles; Index of places; Index of photographers.


    Compiled by Sarah Anderson

    ’A labour of love, and it shows, this will prove indispensable to lovers of travel books, and makes a useful reference when about to visit a country for the first time.’ Wanderlust ’a truly impressive achievement.’ The Oxford Times ’this hefty, entertaining and ambitious enterprise.’ The Times Literary Supplement ’I found it a gold mine of information, to be read with a passport close at hand. For the traveller who wants information above and beyond the conventional guide books it will surely become indispensable.’ Michael Palin ’Anderson’s is just the ticket...Highly recommended for all libraries.’ Choice