1st Edition

Anesthesia and the Classics Essays on avatars of professional values

By Robert S. Holzman Copyright 2022
    281 Pages 22 Color & 33 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    281 Pages 22 Color & 33 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    281 Pages 22 Color & 33 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    A collection of 25 thought provoking Essays which create a bridge between the Classical personification of values and link them to current training and education in Western Medicine. This readable and erudite text provides a framework for modern clinical values - with a particular emphasis on anesthesiology - set in the context of ageless dilemmas facing each generation of physicians.

    Medicine as a profession carries some specific obligations.The qualities of empathy, knowledge, generosity, respect, and scholarship provide a "family" of values that was personified by the Ancients in the family of Asklepios, and which form the basis of professional values today. Moreover, a substantial amount of professional growth should come from reflection based on the experience of caring for real patients – an appreciation of the human condition. Each essay within this beautifully crafted book illustrates the importance of expertise, skill, focus, mindfulness, and collaboration, all of which are integral to professionalism in medicine, and in particular to those working in the field of anesthesiology.

    Anesthesiologists, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and Anesthesia Assistants will find much to enhance their professional understanding within this text. The principles, values and traits of professionalism are relevant to all medical specialties and these essays provide a lyrical understanding of the traits required for professional development.


    Introduction: Looking Backward, Looking Forward: The Legacy of Janus

    Part I: The Human Condition

    1. Disease: The Nosoi

    2. Health and Healing: The Asklepiades

    3. Uncertainty: Nyx and Her Children

    4. Safety: Soteria

    5. The Spirits of Pain and Suffering: The Algea

    6. Anesthesia : "A Not- Feeling Pain"

    Part II: Qualities

    7. Scholarship: Kheiron

    8. Skill: Tekhne

    9. Beauty and Grace: Kalleis , Aphrodite and Apollo

    10. Wisdom: Sophia

    Part III: The Emotions

    11. Strife and Harmony: Eris and Harmonia

    12. Fear and Panic: Phobos

    13. Love: The Erotes

    Part IV: Morality

    14. Truth and Lies: Aletheia and Pseudologos

    15. Respect: Aidos

    16. Justice: Dike

    17. Kindliness: Philoprosyne

    18. Self-Control: Sophrosyne

    Part V: Voice

    19. Consolation: Paregoros

    20. Eloquence: Kalliope

    Part VI: Actions

    21. Effort and Laziness: Hormes and Aergia

    22. Victory and Retreat: Nike and Palioxis

    Part VII: Society

    23. Law and Order/ Lawlessness, Disorder and Ruin: Nomos and Eunomia/ Dysnomia and Ate

    24. Justice and Democracy: Dike and Demokratia



    Robert S. Holzman M.D., M.A. (Hon), FAAP,Senior Associate in Perioperative Anesthesia Boston Children's Hospital, Professor of Anaesthesia Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

    "Anesthesia and the Classics: Essays on Avatars of Professional Values warrants being chewed, digested, and ruminated upon. It deserves to be the foundation of, and stimulus for, lively and productive discussions of professionalism in anesthesiology programs throughout the nation. Trainees and faculty alike, as well as certified registered nurse anesthetists and anesthesia assistants, will benefit from reflecting on the messages about the enduring values, traits, and behaviors integral to professionalism contained within its pages."

    Douglas R. Bacon MD, MA