1st Edition

Anglo-Saxon Coins Studies Presented to F.M. Stenton on the Occasion of his 80th Birthday, 17 May 1960

Edited By R.H.M. Dolley Copyright 1961

    Anglo-Saxon Coins (1961) is an illustrated analysis of the coinage of the Anglo-Saxon era. It examines the coins of the end of Roman Britain and those of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, as well as those of the Vikings, Ireland and Wales.

    1. From Roman Britain to Saxon England J.P.C. Kent  2. The Byzantine Empire and the Coinage of the Anglo-Saxons P.D. Whitting  3. The Coinage of Offa C.E. Blunt  4. The Coinage of Aethelwulf, King of the West Saxons, 899–58 R.H.M. Dolley and K. Skaare  5. The Chronology of the Coins of Alfred the Great, 871–99 R.H.M. Dolley and C.E. Blunt  6. The Northumbrian Viking Coins in the Cuerdale Hoard C.S.S. Lyon and B.H.I.H. Stewart  7. Boroughs and Mints, A.D. 900–1066 H.R. Lyon  8. The Reform of the English Coinage Under Eadgar R.H.M. Dolley and D.M. Metcalf  9. Some Corrections To and Comments On B.E. Hildebrand’s Catalogue of the Anglo-Saxon Coins in the Swedish Royal Coin Cabinet G. van der Meer  10. The Numismatic Interest of an Old English Version of the Legend of the Seven Sleepers D. Whitelock  11. The Metrology of the Late Anglo-Saxon Penny: the Reigns of Aethelraed II and Cnut V.J. Butler  12. A New Suggestion Concerning the So-Called ‘Martlets’ in the ‘Arms of St Edward’ R.H.M. Dolley and F. Elmore Jones  13. Some Remarks on Eighteenth-Century Numismatic Manuscripts and Numismatists J.S. Martin  14. Viking Age Coin-Hoards from Ireland and Their Relevance to Anglo-Saxon Studies R.H.M. Dolley and J. Ingold  15. Sterling P. Grierson


    R.H.M. Dolley