1st Edition

Animal Breeding

By A. E. Clark Copyright 1998

    This text part offers a review of the research and developing technologies in the expanding areas of genetics, embryology, and molecular biology from experts in the various fields. It includes sections covering manipulation of the embryo, and the mapping and engineering of the genome, as well as information on nuclear transfer and the development of xenotransplantation. Possibilities for future research and development are also considered.

    Introduction: Current Animal Breeding Part 1 Manipulating the Embryo 1 Embryo Development and Culture Techniques 2 Nuclear Transfer 3 Opportunities and Challenges in Domestic Animal Embryonic Stem Cell Research Part 2 Mapping the Genome 4 Mapping Genes Underlying Production Traits in Livestock 5 Identification and Cloning of Trait Genes 6 Marker Assisted Selection 7 Comparative Genome Mapping - The Livestock Perspective Part S Engineering the Genome 8 Techniques for the Production of Transgenic Livestock 9 Modification of Production Traits 10 Breeding Genetically Manipulated Traits 11 Therapeutic Proteins from Livestock 12 Xenografts from Livestock


    A.J. Clark Roslin Institute, Midlothian, UK