1st Edition

Animal Brucellosis

By Klaus Nielsen Copyright 1990
    463 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This timely publication updates and standardizes currently used diagnostic procedures for this widespread, economically costly livestock disease. It includes state-of-the-art technology, now in limited use, which will replace the conventional methodology in the near future. The volume covers research done on improved diagnostic techniques, vaccines, taxonomy, epidemiology, pathology, and basic immunology. It is an important literature review for those more established in this field and serves as a guide to researchers or diagnosticians becoming involved with this disease.

    1. Current Concepts on the Taxonomy of the Genus Brucella 2. Brucella Abortus- Antigens of Brucella 3. The Immune Response to Brucella abortus-The Humoral Response 4. The Immune Response to Brucella abortus-The Cell-Mediated Response to Infections 5. Detection of Brucella Cells and Cell Components 6. The Brucellaphages 7. Epidemiology and Surveillance 8. Conventional Serological Tests 9. Primary Binding Techniques for the Serodiagnosis of Bovine Brucellosis-Enzyme Immunoassay 10. An Automated Brucellosis Test System with a Proven Track Record 11.Vaccination 12. The Pathogenesis and Pathobiology of Brucella Infection in Domestic Animals 13. Other Brucella Species-Brucellosis in Wildlife, Canine Brucellosis 14. Brucella ovis 15. Brucella melitensis, 1887 to 1987 16. Porcine Brucellosis 17. Laboratory Animal Models for Brucellosis Studies


    Nielsen, Klaus