1st Edition

Animal Housing and Human–Animal Relations Politics, Practices and Infrastructures

Edited By Kristian Bjørkdahl, Tone Druglitrø Copyright 2016
    240 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    228 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book provides an in-depth investigation into the practices of animal housing systems with international contributions from across the humanities and social sciences. By attending to a range of different sites such as the zoo, the laboratory, the farm and the animal shelter, to name a few, the book explores material technologies from the perspective that these are integrated parts of a larger biopolitical infrastructure and questions how animal housing systems, and the physical infrastructures that surround central human-animal practices, come into being. The contributions in the book show in various ways how physical infrastructures of animal housing are always part of a much broader sociocultural and political infrastructure, where the material reality of housing systems combines with human and animal agents, with politics, and with practices. As such, the book explores what kind of practices and relations develop around the physical structures of animal housing, and by whom, and for whom, they are developed. This innovative collection will be of great interest to student and scholars in animal studies, more than human studies, geography, anthropology, and sociology.

    1 Animal Housing/Housing Animals: Nodes of Politics, Practices and Human-Animal Relations

    Kristian Bjørkdahl and Tone Druglitrø

    2 The Salmon Domus as a Site of Mediation

    Marianne Lien and John Law

    3 What is a Cow? The Invention of the Freestall and How Cows Lost Their Horns

    Beat Bächi

    4 When the Battery Cage Came to Norway: The Historical Path of an Agro-Industrial Artifact

    Kristian Bjørkdahl

    5 Back to Nature! Rehabilitating Danish Research Monkeys

    Lene Koch and Mette Nordahl Svendsen

    6 Housing Eiders – Making Heritage: The Changing Context of the Human-Eider Relationship in the Vega Archipelago, Norway

    Knut Fageraas

    7 Muscox in a Box and Other Tales of Containers as Domesticating Mediators in Animal Relocation

    Dolly Jørgensen

    8 How Much is that Doggy in the Window? The Aesthetics of Shelter Animal Display

    Irene Gustafson

    9 Concrete Kingdoms: Heini Hediger’s Territories at the Zurich Zoo

    Christina May

    10 Care and Tinkering in the Animal House: Conditioning Monkeys for Poliomyelitis Research and Public Health Work

    Tone Druglitrø

    11 Care in the Cage: Materializing Moral Economies of Animal Care in the Biomedical Sciences, c. 1945-

    Robert G. W. Kirk

    12 The Spatial Arrangements of Making Research Piglets into Resources for Translational Medicine

    Mette Nordahl Svendsen

    13 Closing the Barn Door

    Henry Buller


    Kristian Bjørkdahl is a Researcher at the Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, in Bergen, Norway.

    Tone Druglitrø is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at TIK Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture, University of Oslo, Norway.