1st Edition

Animal Lectins A Functional View

Edited By Gerardo R. Vasta PhD, Hafiz Ahmed PhD Copyright 2009
    596 Pages 129 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Introduces Groundbreaking Approaches for Assessing Lectin Function

    Lectins and their ligands are under quite a heavy microscope due to their potential applications to pharmacology, immunology, cancer therapy, and agriculture. With growing interest in the glycobiology field, the body of research related to lectin roles has grown at an explosive rate, particularly in the past 20 years. Animal Lectins: A Functional View presents the most up-to-date analysis of these carbohydrate-binding, and potentially lifesaving, proteins in one comprehensive volume.

    This standard-setting resource presents new insights into the biological roles of most animal lectins, including their function in infection prevention through innate immunity. It also discusses such lectin behaviors as:

    • Glycoprotein folding
    • Sorting and targeting
    • Cell adhesion
    • Embryogenesis
    • Cell-cell interactions and signaling

    Describes the Structural Basis of Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions

    Under the editorial guidance of two leading protein chemistry experts and with contributions from well-recognized field authorities, this book logically and systematically discusses both intracellular and extracellular lectin functions. It is an essential springboard for future field research and a clear and concise knowledge base that glycobiology, biochemistry, and immunology researchers cannot afford to be without.


    Introduction to Animal Lectins, G.R. Vasta and H. Ahmed


    Structural Aspects of Lectin–Ligand Interactions, M.A. Bianchet, H. Ahmed, G.R. Vasta, and L.M. Amzel

    Thermodynamic Approaches to the Study of Affinity of Clustered Carbohydrate Epitopes in Galectin–Glycoconjugate Interactions, T.K. Dam and C.F. Brewer

    Deciphering Lectin Ligands through Glycan Arrays, D.F. Smith and R.D. Cummings

    Chromatography and Related Approaches for Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses of Lectin Specificity, J. Hirabayashi

    Analysis of Whole-Genome and Other Data Resources to Characterize the Molecular, Structural, and Evolutionary Diversity of C-Lectins and Discover New Genes, A.N. Zelensky and J.E. Gready

    Animal Models for Assessing the Biological Roles of Lectins, H. Ahmed, G.A. Rabinovich, S.S. Jackson, M. Salatino, K. Saito, G. Bianco, S. Tasumi, S.-J. Du, and G.R. Vasta


    Calreticulin and Calnexin as Chaperones in Glycoprotein Folding, J.J. Caramelo and A.J. Parodi

    Role of L-Type Lectins in Glycoprotein Sorting and Trafficking, B. Nyfeler, M.W. Wendeler, and H.-P. Hauri

    P-Type Lectins and Lysosomal Enzyme Targeting, N.M. Dahms, L.J. Olson, and J.-J.P. Kim

    M-Type Lectins as Novel Components of Secretory Pathways, N. Hosokawa and K. Nagata

    Functional Aspects of the Hyaluronan and Chondroitin Sulfate Receptors, E.N. Harris and P.H. Weigel


    Galectin-3 and Cancer, Y. Wang, V. Balan, and A. Raz

    Myelin-Associated Glycoprotein (Siglec-4): A Nervous System Lectin That Regulates Axon–Myelin Stability and Axon Regeneration, R.L. Schnaar and N.R. Mehta

    Hyaluronan-Binding Proteoglycans, E.N. Harris and P.H. Weigel

    Roles of Coral Lectins in Morphological Change of Zooxanthellae, H. Kamiya, M. Jimbo, K. Koike, and R. Sakai


    Siglecs: Roles in Cell–Cell Interactions and Signaling, C.O. and P.R. Crocker

    Signaling through the Fungal b-Glucan Receptor Dectin-1, A.M. Kerrigan, K.M. Dennehy, and G.D. Brown

    CD22: A Regulator of B Cell Survival and Signal Transduction, S.H. Smith and T.F. Tedder

    Galectins and Integrins in Pre-B Cell Development, M. Espeli, L. Gauthier, S. Mancini, F. Mourcin, B. Rossi, and C. Schiff

    Golgi N-Glycan Processing and Galectin Functions, K.S. Lau, I.R. Nabi, M. Demetriou, and J.W. Dennis


    Mannan-Binding Lectin Polymorphisms and Infectious Diseases, M. Møller-Kristensen, S. Thiel, and J.C. Jensenius

    Immunoregulatory Roles of Lung Surfactant Proteins A and D, N. Palaniyar, G.L. Sorensen, and U. Holmskov

    C-Type Lectin Receptors on Dendritic Cells, Y. van Kooyk

    Structural and Functional Roles of C-type Lectin Receptors on Natural Killer Cells, N. Dimasi

    Activation of Lepidopteran Insect Innate Immune Responses by C-type Immulectins, X.-Q. Yu and M.R. Kanost

    Galectins as Novel Regulators of Immune Cell Homeostasis and Inflammation, G. A. Rabinovich, M.A. Toscano, J.M. Ilarregui, and L.G. Baum

    Interactions of Galectins with Leukocytes, S.R. Stowell and R.D. Cummings

    Regulation of Immune Responses by Galectin-3, D. K. Hsu and F.-T. Liu

    X-Lectins: A New Family with Homology to the Xenopus laevis Oocyte Lectin XL-35, J.K. Lee and M. Pierce

    F-Type Lectins: A New Family of Recognition Factors, G.R. Vasta, E.W. Odom, M.A. Bianchet, L.M. Amzel, K. Saito, and H. Ahmed

    Biology of FREPs: Diversified Lectins with Fibrinogen-Related Domains from Freshwater Snail Biomphalaria glabrata, B.A. Stout, C.M. Adema, S.-M. Zhang, and E.S. Loker

    Lectins in Sand Fly–Leishmania Interactions, S. Kamhawi and J.G. Valenzuela

    Ficolins: The Structural Basis for Recognition Plasticity, M. Matsushita, Y. Endo, and T. Fujita

    Hemolytic Lectin in Marine Invertebrates, T. Hatakeyama

    Structure–Function Relationship in Mammalian Chitinase-Like Lectins, S. Morroll, S. Turner, and F.H. Falcone



    Gerardo R. Vasta PhD, Hafiz Ahmed PhD