Animal Models in Orthopaedic Research  book cover
1st Edition

Animal Models in Orthopaedic Research

ISBN 9780849321153
Published September 30, 1998 by CRC Press
624 Pages

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Book Description

Animal Models in Orthopaedic Research is a reference book of the major animal models used in the study of orthopaedic conditions and in the in vivo study of biomaterials. Use of animal models provides important knowledge about pathological conditions that can eventually lead to the development of more effective clinical treatment of diseases in both humans and animals. Directed primarily toward surgeons, investigators, research fellows, graduate students, and those working in orthopaedic or biomaterial research, this book is intended to serve as a basis for a literature search before embarking on a detailed research project.
This book is the result of the editors' own quest for information about research methodology and the use of animal models in orthopaedic and biomaterial research. Concise, inclusive, and practical, this work:

Table of Contents

General Considerations of Using Laboratory Animals
Ethics and Regulations for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, A.C. Smith, R.T. Fosse, and M.M. Swindle
Experimental Design, Evaluation Methods, Data Analysis, Publications, and Research Ethics, Y.H. An and T.D. Bell
Animal Selections in Orthopaedic Research, Y.H. An and R. Friedman
Surgical Facilities, Peri-Operative Care, Anesthesia, and Surgical Techniques, A.C. Smith and M.M. Swindle
Euthanasia and Necropsy, S.A. Bingel
Evaluation Methods in Orthopaedic Animal Research
Methods of Evaluation in Orthopaedic Animal Research, Y.A. An
Histological Study in Orthopaedic Animal Research, H.E. Gruber and A.A. Stasky
Mechanical Properties and Testing Methods of Bone, Y.H. An and R.A. Draughn
Mechanical Testing of Cartilage, M. LaBerge
Mechanical Testing of Ligament and Tendon, S. L-Y. Woo, T.T. Manson, and T.M. Vogrin
Animal Models of Bone Conditions
Animal Models of Fracture or Osteotomy, Y.H. An, R.J. Freidman, and R.A. Draughn
Animal Models for Testing Bioabsorbable Materials, Y.A. An and R.J. Friedman
Animal Models of Bone Defect Repair, Y.A. An and R.J. Friedman
Animal Models of Osteonecrosis, K. Masuhara, M. Matui, K. Nakata, and K. Ono
Animal Models of Osteopenia or Osteoporosis, D. B. Kimmel, E.L. Moran, and E.R. Bogoch
Animal Models of Articular Cartilage Defect, Y.H. An and R.J. Friedman
Animal Models of Meniscal Repair, J. Klompmaker and R.P.H. Veth
Animal Models of Osteoarthritis, T.R. Oegema, Jr. and D.M. Visco
Animal Models of Inflammatory Arthritis, E.L. Moran and E.R. Bogoch
Animal Models of Joint Replacement and Related Conditions
Animal Models for Studying Soft Tissue Biocompatibility of Biomaterials, J.A. Jansen
Animal Models for Studying Bone Ingrowth and Joint Replacement, D.R. Sumner, T.M. Turner, and R.M. Urban
Animal Models for Investigations of Biomaterial Debris, M.Lind, Y. Song, and S.B. Goodman
Animal Models of Prosthetic Infection, Y.H. An and R.J. Friedman
Animal Models for the Study of Ligaments and Tendons
Animal Models of Ligament Repair, J.J. McDougall and R.C. Bray
Animal Models of Tendon Repair, D.L. Pruitt
Animal Models for Ligament and Tendon Fixation to Bone, F.A. Young and Y.H. An
Animal Models of Spinal Conditions
Animal Models of Spinal Instability and Spinal Fusion, H.S. Sandhu, L.E.A. Kanim, F. Girardi, F.P. Cammisa, Jr., and E. D. Dawson
Animal Models of Spinal Cord Compression, S. Miyamoto, K. Yonenobu, and K. Ono
Animal Models of Transplantation and Replacement of Vertebral Column and Intervertebral Disc, H. Matsuzaki and K. Wakabayashi
Animal Models of Scoliosis, N. Kawakami, M. Deguchi, and T. Kanemura
Microsurgical Technique in Orthopaedic Animal Models, Y.H. An
Journals and Publications Related to Orthopedic Research and Laboratory Animals
Major Sources of Laboratory Animals

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