1st Edition

Animal Parasite Control Utilizing Biotechnology

By Weng K. Yong Copyright 1992
    496 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This volume emphasizes the application of modern biotechnological approaches to the study and control of animal parasites. The book begins by discussing molecular concepts and principles in general before moving on to cover specific applications for endoparasites, ectoparasites, and finally the hosts themselves.

    Animal Parasite Control Utilizing Biotechnology will be an instrumental reference in promoting a better understanding of the host-parasite relationship and suggesting viable means of controlling economically important parasite infections of animals. The book will be invaluable to zoologists, parasitologists, microbiologists, biochemists, geneticists, immunologists, physiologists, molecular biologists, veterinarian and medical scientists, and advanced students interested in the topic.

    MOLECULAR CONCEPTS, PRINCIPLES AND APPROACHES. Biotechnology: A Shot-in-the-Arm for Veterinary Parasite Control (Graham F. Mitchell). Application of Recombinant DNA Technology to Genetic Analysis of Sporozoan Parasites (Robert Cappai and David J. Kemp). Vectors for Recombinant Vaccine Delivery (David B. Boyle and Anthony J. Radford). Advances in Adjuvant Technology and Application (John C. Cox and Alan R. Coulter). ENDOPARASITE MODELS. Control of Gastrointestinal Nematode Parasites (W.K. Yong). Control of Tissue Parasites. I. Nematodes (Robin G. Bell, Robert B. Grieve and Mario T. Philipp). Control of Tissue Parasites. II. Cestodes (Marshall W. Lightowlers, Michael A. Gemmel, Gavin L.B. Harrison, David D. Heath, Michael D. Rickard and Michael G. Roberts). Control of Tissue Parasites. III. Trematodes (Terry W. Spithill). Control of Intraerythrocytic Parasites (Peter W. Riddles and Ian G. Wright). Control of Intracellular Parasites: The Coccidia (John T. Ellis and Alan M. Johnson). ECTOPARASITE MODELS. Biotechnology and the Control of Myiasis Diseases (R. Mark Sandeman). Vaccination Against Ticks (Ross Tellam, Don Smith, David H. Kemp, and Peter Willadsen). Biotechnology and the Control of Mosquitos (Julian M. Crampton and Paul Eggleston). THE GENETICS OF HOST RESPONSE AND ITS INFLUENCE ON CONTROL STRATEGIES. The Major Histocompatibility Complex and Parasite Immunity (John D. Wetherall and David M. Groth). Leukocyte Molecules and Their Possible Function in Immunity to Parasites (Peter M. Outteridge). Genetic Markers for the Selection of Parasite Resistance in Livestock (Kathryn J. Gogolin-Ewens, Jill F. Maddox, Stewart F. Fabb, Malcolm R. Brandon). Glossary. Index.


    Weng K. Yong