1st Edition

Animal Rights

Edited By Clare Palmer Copyright 2008

    Do animals have moral rights? If so, which ones? How does this affect our thinking about agriculture and experimentation? If animals have moral rights, should they be protected by law? These are some of the questions addressed in this collection, which contains more than 30 papers spanning nearly 40 years of debates about animal rights. It includes work by leading advocates of animal rights both in philosophy and law, as well as contributions by those resolutely opposed to the very idea of animal rights. A substantial Introduction surveys key arguments in the area and puts the papers in context.

    Contents: Introduction; Part I Arguments in Favour of Animal Rights: All animals are equal, Peter Singer; The case for animal rights, Tom Regan; The rights of the non-human world, Mary Anne Warren; Why animals have a right to liberty, James Rachels. Part II Critical Views on Animal Rights - and Some Responses: Animal rights, R.G. Frey; Animal rights: a reply to Frey, Dale Jamieson and Tom Regan; Moral rights and animals, H.J. McCloskey; Must an opponent of animal rights also be an opponent of human rights?, Evelyn B. Pluhar; Animal rights revisited, Jan Narveson; Inherent value and moral rights, Paul W.Taylor; Animal liberation or animal rights, Peter Singer; Rights, justice and duties to provide assistance: a critique of Regan's theory of rights, Dale Jamieson; Animal rights and feminist theory, Josephine Donovan; Animal liberation and environmental ethics: bad marriage, quick divorce, Mark Sagoff; Animal rights and social relations, Ted Benton; Doing right by our animal companions, Keith Burgess-Jackson. Part III Animal Rights and Human Uses: Eating meat and eating people, Cora Diamond; Utilitarianism, vegetarianism and animal rights, Tom Regan; Social ethics, animal rights, and agriculture, Bernard E. Rollin; The case for the use of animals in biomedical research, Carl Cohen; On Carl Cohen's 'kind' arguments for animal rights and against animal rights, Nathan Nobis; Your daughter or your dog? A feminist assessment of the animal research issue, Deborah Slicer; The ethics of animal research: what are the prospects for agreement?, David Degrazia; Zoos and the rights of animals, Donald G. Lindburg. Part IV Political and Legal Rights for Animals: Human duties and animal rights, Joel Feinberg; Taking sentience seriously, Gary L. Francione; Animals as subjects or objects of rights, Richard A. Epstein; Nonhuman animal property: reconciling environmentalism and animal rights, John Hadley; A great shout: legal rights for great apes, Steven M. Wise; Simian sovereignty, Ro


    Clare Palmer is Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Washington University in St Louis, USA.