1st Edition

Animals, Ethics and Trade The Challenge of Animal Sentience

Edited By Jacky Turner, Joyce D'Silva Copyright 2006
    312 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Modern urban life cuts us off from direct connection with the animal world, yet daily the lives of millions of animals are affected by what we consume and wear and what we trade in. The use of animals for food, labour and pleasure pursuits has long been justified with the assumption that unlike humans, animals aren't fully sentient beings. In recent years, however, science has revealed an astonishing array of complex animal behaviour, and scientists and policy makers now accept that the animals we make use of are indeed conscious, with preferences and intentions. The implications for our culture of factory farming, fast food and rainforest liquidation are staggering. In this powerful book, internationally renowned experts on animal behaviour and agriculture such as Jane Goodall, Tim Lang and Vandana Shiva are brought together with ethicists, religious scholars, international industry and regulators for the first time to debate these critical issues and tackle the profound implications of animal sentience. The first sections discuss scientific and ethical perspectives on the consciousness, emotions and mental abilities of animals. Later sections address how human activities such as science, law, religion, farming, food production, trade, development and education respect or ignore animals' sentience and welfare, and review the options for changes in our policies, our practices and our thinking. The result is nothing less than a stark and necessary look into the heart of humanity and the ethics that govern our animal powered society.

    Part I: Animal Sentience: Evidence and Interpretations * The Sentience of Chimpanzees and Other Animals * The Distribution of the Capacity for Sentience in the Animal Kingdom * Animal Emotions and Animal Sentience and Why They Matter: Blending 'Science Sense' with Common Sense, Compassion and Heart * Animal Welfare: What is the Role of Science? * Part II: Ethics, Law and Science * Educating Scientists About Ethics * What Prevents Us From Recognizing Animal Sentience? * Sentience and Rights * Entitling Non-human Animals to Fundamental Legal Rights on the Basis of Practical Autonomy * Animal Welfare Legislation in China: Public Understanding and Education * The Evolving Animal Rights and Welfare Debate in China: Political and Social Impact Analysis * Islamic Philosophy on Animal Rights * The Ethical Matrix as a Decision-making Tool, with Specific Reference to Animal Sentience * Part III: Implications for Farming and Food Production * Ideals and Realities: What Do We Owe to Farm Animals? * Animal Sentience in US Farming * McDonald's: Progressing Global Standards in Animal Welfare * Respecting Animal Sentience in Organic Farming * The Welfare of Animals Bred for Their Fur in China * The Implications of Agricultural Globalization in India * Sustainable Development and Animal Welfare: The Neglected Dimension * Part 4 Animal Sentience in International Policy * Outlawed in Europe: Animal Protection Progress in the European Union * Why China is Waking Up to Animal Welfare * Animal Welfare and Economic Development: A Financial Institution * The International Animal Welfare Role of the Office International des pizooties: The World Organization for Animal Health * Achieving Access to Ethical Food: Animal and Human Health Come Together * Conclusion *


    Jacky Turner is a freelance researcher and writer working on animal welfare. Joyce D?Silva is the former Chief Executive and current Ambassador for Compassion in World Farming Trust and is the co-editor of The Meat Business, also published by Earthscan. Published with Compassion in World Farming Trust

    'This book should be recommended to all those that either have an interest in or, perhaps more importantly, an influence on animal welfare standards.' Animal Welfare, Feb. 2007, Vol. 16, Issue 1