Anionic Polymerization : Principles and Practical Applications book cover
1st Edition

Anionic Polymerization
Principles and Practical Applications

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ISBN 9780824795238
Published March 15, 1996 by CRC Press
744 Pages

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Book Description

This work introduces the basic theories and experimental methods of anionic polymerization as well as the synthesis, analysis and characteristics of anionic polymerized products. It details the creation of linear and branched polymers, random and block copolymers, graft and macromonomers, and many other substances. The work emphasizes the relationship between fundamental principles and commercial applications.;College or university bookstores may purchase five or more copies at a special student price, available on request from Marcel Dekker, Inc.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Structure and bonding in carbanionic compounds: structure of carbanions and organometallic compounds; stabilities of carbanionic species; ion pairs, free ions and stereochemistry in carbanionic chemistry. Part 2 Introduction to anionic and living polymerization: living polymerization - definitions, consequences and criteria; general aspects of anionic polymerization. Part 3 Kinetics and mechanism in anionic polymerization: initiation reactions in anionic polymerization - kinetics of addition of organolithium compounds to vinyl monomer; propagation reactions - kinetics and mechanism for styrenes and dienes in hydrocarbon solvents with lithium as counterion; termination and chain transfer reactions; stereochemistry of polymerization; copolymerization. Part 4 Anionic synthesis of polymers with well-defined structures: functionalized polymers and macromonomers; block copolymers; star polymers; graft copolymers. Part 5 Commercial applications of anionically prepared polymers: commercial applications of anionically polymerized products - an overview; polydiene rubbers; styrene-diene rubbers; styrenic thermoplastic elastomers; applications of styrenic thermoplastic rubbers in plastics modifications, adhesives and footwear; clear impact-resistant polystyrene; nonfunctional telechelic prepolymers. Part 6 Polar monomers: anionic polymerization of methyl methacrylate and related polar monomers; block polymers prepared via anionic ring-opening polymerization.

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". . .will be valuable to both the beginning and the established researcher. . ..formidable and exhaustive. . ..well organized for easy reading and comprehension. . excellent review. . .. . . .the most comprehensive and current reference/text available in the area of anionic polymerization. . ..The special pricing for classroom utilization is commended. "
---Polymer News
". . .well written. . ..should be especially important to chemists working with block copolymers in pressure sensitive or other elastomeric adhesive product areas. . .. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. "
---Adhesives & Sealants Newsletter
". . .an excellent textbook. . .. The authors have done a great service to the young chemists who are working in the field of anionic polymerization. "
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