1st Edition

Annual Survey of African Law Cb Volume Three : 1969

Edited By E. Cotran, N.N. Rubin Copyright 1973

    First published in 1973. This is volume 3 1969, of the Annual Survey of African Law. It includes papers, articles and discussions that are split into sections on Commonwealth African countries and Francophonic African Countries, and other African countries, as well as a listing of cases and statutes.

    Part 1 Commonwealth African Countries; Chapter 1 Ghana, A. N. Allott; Chapter 2 Nigeria, A. V. J. Nylander, A. B. Kasunmu; Chapter 3 Sierra Leone, H. M. Joko Smart; Chapter 4 The Gambia, U. U. Uche; Chapter 5 East African Community, Y. P. Ghai; Chapter 6 Kenya, Eugene Cotran; Chapter 7 Uganda, H. F. Morris; Chapter 8 Tanzania, James S. Read; Chapter 9 Malawi, Vern G. Davidson; Chapter 10 Zambia, G. Care; Chapter 11 Rhodesia, H. Silberberg; Chapter 12 Botswana, S. Roberts; Chapter 13 Lesotho, S. M. Poulter; Chapter 14 Swaziland, N. N. Rubin; Part 2 L’Afrique Francophone (Francophonic African Countries), Sous la Direction du ProfesseurD. G. Lavroff; Chapter 15 Mauritanie, L. G. Verdun; Chapter 16 Senegal, L. G. Verdun; Chapter 17 Mali, P. Y. Laporte; Chapter 18 Niger, F. Constantin; Chapter 19 Guinée, L. G. Verdun; Chapter 20 Côte D’Ivoire, F. Constantin; Chapter 21 Haute-Volta, L. G. Verdun; Chapter 22 Togo, F. Constantin; Chapter 23 Dahomey, F. Constantin; Chapter 24 Republique Federale du Cameroun, J. L. Balans; Chapter 25 Republique Centrafricaine, P. Y. Laporte; Chapter 26 Gabon, J. L. Balans; Chapter 27 Congo—(Kinshasa), Johan M. Pauwels; Chapter 28 Burundi, Louis De Clerck; Chapter 29 Rwanda, J. Vanderlinden; Part 3 Other African Countries; Chapter 30 Liberia, Steven L. Werner; Chapter 31 SUDAN, Natale Olwak Akolawin; Chapter 32 Somali Democratic Republic, Haji N. A. Noor Mohammed; Chapter 33 African Legal Bibliography, J. Vanderlinden;


    N. N. RUBIN Advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa and the High Court of Swaziland Lecturer in African Law, School of Oriental and African Studies, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London. E. COTRAN Lincoln’s Inn. Barrister at Law Lecturer in African Law, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.