1st Edition

Another Twinkle in the Eye Contemplating Another Pregnancy After Perinatal Mental Illness

By Elaine Hanzak Copyright 2016
    390 Pages
    by Routledge

    390 Pages
    by Routledge

    Another Twinkle in the Eye is an essential guide for anyone contemplating another pregnancy after perinatal mental illness. The decision to bring a child into the world is rarely one that is taken lightly. When a previous pregnancy and early parenthood has resulted in poor maternal and/or paternal perinatal mental health, making a conscious decision to have another baby can be even more challenging.

    This unique book provides facts, resources, and discussion points to support people in making informed and comfortable decisions. It is also an essential resource for health professionals who support or are involved in the decision-making process of couples planning another pregnancy.

    The author combines personal experience with real-life stories from other parents. Also included are contributions from healthcare professionals. The book offers comprehensive coverage across five key areas: Reflection on the previous pregnancy, miscarriage or stillbirth, Decisions to be made when considering another pregnancy, Ways to plan for and to have a healthier experience, The role of healthcare professionals and facilities, and Self-help and complementary techniques for good mental health in the perinatal period.


    Antenatal and Postnatal Mental Health Conditions

    Risk Factors and Possible Causes of Perinatal Mental Illness

    Dealing with the Past Before We Move Into the Future


    Personal Desire and Situation

    Additional Concerns Within the Decision- Making Process Due to Past Experience

    Relationship With the Partner/Father and Their Wishes

    I Want Another Baby but My Partner Does Not!

    Unexpected Pregnancy


    Communication, a Positive Attitude and Knowledge

    Pre-Conception Counselling

    A Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

    A Different Birth Experience

    Early Days with the New Baby

    Bonding with Your Baby

    Feeding Your Baby

    The Importance of Sleep

    Older Siblings: New Relationships and Routines

    The Role of the Partner

    The Single Parent

    The Role of Family and Friends

    Peer Support

    The Working World Whilst Pregnant and Beyond: Next Time Round


    The Role of Healthcare Professionals: What Parents Have Received, Want and Need

    The Role of Healthcare Professionals: What Can You, as an HCP, Do?

    The Treatment of Perinatal Depression

    Community Support and Counselling

    Inpatient Treatment on Mother and Baby Units

    Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Women and Postpartum Depression


    General Health and Wellbeing

    Arts and Creativity for Easing Perinatal Mental Distress

    And Finally …

    Appendix 1: Resources and Further Information

    Appendix 2: Case Studies of Families with Lived Experience

    Appendix 3: Planning and Screening Tools

    Appendix 4: UK Policy Drivers Around Antenatal and Postnatal (Perinatal) Mental Health

    Appendix 5: Survey Used as Additional Information for this Book


    Elaine Hanzak is a writer and speaker at conferences and workshops for health professionals and others on a variety of topics, developed from her experience of puerperal psychosis and bereavement. She frequently participates in TV, radio and other media discussions.

    "A very good combination of information on issues related to perinatal mental illness for the general public and health professionals… A guide and reference book for anyone who has suffered from perinatal mental health illness. The book strengths are that the contents are the product of the experience of the author, both personally and from her own research." – (Highly Commended, Popular Medicine, BMA Medical Book Awards 2016)

    "One of the strengths of these books is the author’s own experiences, which are interwoven with factual information and guidance without being prescriptive; in addition, the vignettes from other women’s experiences give balance to the content. It is of utmost importance that the profile of perinatal mental illness is raised to ensure that those affected get the appropriate help and to reduce the needless deaths of women suffering from this potentially life threatening illness. This book and the earlier work contribute in educating and informing and to some extent offer reassurance to all those affected and who come into contact with perinatal mental health concerns."- Cathy Ashwin, Principal Editor, MIDIRS

    “This is an engaging conversation about how to prepare for and manage perinatal mental illness. Readers will develop a deeper appreciation for the variety of experiences women have during this period. General clinicians to women's mental health experts will find it is a great book to recommend to patients.”
    —Mabel Avilas, MD(Rush University Medical Center), Doody Enterprises

    "This book is the best I have read about the topic of perinatal mental health ... It is the book I have been wishing had been written to enable others to understand what is going on during a period of illness and how best to ask for help and support others who are suffering ... I would highly recommend [it]…"
    —Dr Stephanie deGiorgio

    "It should be a standard reference book … It brings together a lot of practical text … the sort of things you might spend hours looking for on the internet … [it brings] together the facts, resources, discussion points and information to help people make an informed decision."
    —William Greenwood, MHSM, Dip HSM

    "…this book is a must for all who come in to contact with women and their families who may or have experienced PP."
    —Helen Howard, Senior Midwife and Supervisor of Midwives

    "A very important and much needed resource which I am certain will be appreciated by so many people … [it] is a one-stop resource for any family considering a new addition following the experience of perinatal illness … Covering just about every thought, emotion and practical suggestion necessary, this is a real must both for families and health care professionals."
    —Luce, mother of two boys and considering another baby

    "…I can’t recommend this book enough, it’s worth taking the time to read a few pages a day even just to have the knowledge and to be able to understand what’s happening and why."
    —Gastro Baby’s Blog