1st Edition

Antarctic Glacial History and World Palaeoenvironments

Edited By E.M. Zinderen van Bakker Copyright 1978

    This book, based on the proceedings of third symposium held on 17th August 1977 during the Xth INQUA Congress at Birmingham, UK, focuses on the influence the Antarctic glaciation had on world palaeoenvironments.

    1. Comparison of Antarctic and Arctic climate and its relevance to climatic evolution 2. Glacial history of New Zealand and the Ross Dependency, Antarctica 3. Aspects of the early evolution of West Antarctic ice 4. Past surges in the West Antarctic ice sheet and their climatological significance 5. Cainozoic evolution of circumantarctic palaeoceanography 6. A review of the Late Quaternary climatic history of Antarctic Seas 7. Glacial development and temperature trends in the Antarctic and in South America 8. Glacier fluctuations in South Georgia and comparison with other island groups in the Scotia Sea 9. Aridification of the Namib Desert: Evidence from oceanic cores 10. Late Cainozoic palaeoenvironments of southern Africa 11. Late-Mesozoic and Tertiary palaeoenvironments of the Sahara region 12. Evidence for Quaternary glaciation of Marion Island (sub-Antarctic) and some implications 13. Glacial age aeolian events at high and low latitudes: A Southern Hemisphere perspective


    E.M. Zinderen van Bakker (Edited by)