2nd Edition

Antenatal Midwifery Skills

By Alison Edwards Copyright 2021
    90 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This pocket-sized book, presented in an easy-to-follow format, is designed as a tool for students and professionals to carry in any setting, providing a quick reference guide to antenatal care and related anatomy and physiology. Used as a platform for wider reading, this text is an ideal reference point for any student or professional involved with the care of childbearing women.


    ABDOMINAL EXAMINATION.Amniotic fluid index,Inspection,Palpation,Auscultation,Measurement,Expected findings.  ANAEMIA.  ANATOMY.Fetal circulation,Female external genitalia,Uterus.  ANTENATAL APPOINTMENTS.  ANTENATAL SCREENING,Blood tests at booking,Follow-up blood tests,Urine,Ultrasound scans,Additional screening,Routine surveillance.  BENEFITS.  BISHOP’S SCORE FOR INDUCTION OF LABOUR.  BLOOD PRESSURE TAKING.  BLOOD VALUES.  BMI.  BOOKING ADVICE.  BRITISH SIGN LANGUAGE.  CALCULATING ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATES.  CHOLESTASIS.  CTG INTERPRETATION.  CUSTOMISED GROWTH CHARTS.  DIABETES.Type 1 diabetic women,Gestational diabetic women.  DRUG ADMINISTRATION.Drugs and midwives/student midwives,Midwives exemptions and PGDS,Safe administration,Drug abbreviations,Formulas.  EMERGENCIES,Adult life support for a pregnant woman,Antepartum haemorrhage,Eclampsia.  FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION.  FUNCTIONS OF THE PLACENTA.  METHODS OF INDUCTION.  MINOR DISORDERS.  PRE- ECLAMPSIA.  RECORD KEEPING.  SUBSTANCE MISUSE.  SUPPORT GROUPS.  USEFUL WEBSITES.  VENEPUNCTURE.Procedure for taking blood,Vacutainer blood bottles and tests.  VULNERABLE GROUPS OF WOMEN


    Alison Edwards is a Senior Midwifery Lecturer and Programme Director for the Shortened Midwifery programme at the University of Birmingham, UK. Alison has been a nurse and midwife for over 32 years, progressing through a BSc and Masters’ degree during that time. Current projects involve the development of virtual teaching tools including the use of avatars simulating labour scenarios, and escape room technology.