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Anthropological Studies in Creativity and Perception

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Founding Editor: Tim Ingold

The books in this series explore the relations, in human social and cultural life, between perception, creativity and skill. Their common aim is to move beyond established approaches in anthropology and material culture studies that treat the inhabited world as a repository of complete objects, already present and available for analysis. Instead these works focus on the creative processes that continually bring these objects into being, along with the persons in whose lives they are entangled. All creative activities entail movement or gesture, and the books in this series are particularly concerned to understand the relations between these creative movements and the inscriptions they yield. Likewise in considering the histories of artefacts, these studies foreground the skills of their makers-cum-users, and the transformations that ensue, rather than tracking their incorporation as finished objects within networks of interpersonal relations. This series is interdisciplinary in orientation, with the concern of the titles always being with the practice of interdisciplinarity: on ways of doing anthropology with other disciplines, rather than doing an anthropology of these subjects. Through this anthropology with focus, they aim to achieve an understanding that is at once holistic and processual, dedicated not so much to the achievement of a final synthesis as to opening up lines of inquiry.

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Digressions and the Human Imagination Tracing the Indirectness of Cultural Creativity

Digressions and the Human Imagination: Tracing the Indirectness of Cultural Creativity

1st Edition


Edited By Morten Nielsen
September 30, 2024

Digressions and the Human Imagination makes a significant contribution to our anthropological knowledge about human creativity. The creative force of the human imagination is widely considered as a key ingredient in understanding how social and cultural transformations occur. And yet, what we know ...

Peripheral Methodologies Unlearning, Not-knowing and Ethnographic Limits

Peripheral Methodologies: Unlearning, Not-knowing and Ethnographic Limits

1st Edition

Edited By Francisco Martínez, Lili Di Puppo, Martin Demant Frederiksen
January 09, 2023

How does peripherality challenge methodology and theory-making? This book examines how the peripheral can be incorporated into ethnographic research, and reflects on what it means to be on the periphery – ontologically and epistemologically. Starting from the premise that clarity and fixity as...

Attention in Performance Acting Lessons in Sensory Anthropology

Attention in Performance: Acting Lessons in Sensory Anthropology

1st Edition

By Cassis Kilian
September 26, 2022

This book elucidates how learning from actors enables an intense education of attention for anthropologists. Actors perform the perception of sunshine, the sensation of pain, affects such as shock and emotions such as happiness; they act quarrels, erotic attraction, leadership and submission on ...

Craftwork as Problem Solving Ethnographic Studies of Design and Making

Craftwork as Problem Solving: Ethnographic Studies of Design and Making

1st Edition

Edited By Trevor H.J. Marchand
December 18, 2017

This volume brings together a cross-disciplinary group of anthropologists, researchers of craft, and designer-makers to enumerate and explore the diversity and complexity of problem-solving tactics and strategies employed by craftspeople, together with the key social, cultural, and environmental ...

Reflections on Imagination Human Capacity and Ethnographic Method

Reflections on Imagination: Human Capacity and Ethnographic Method

1st Edition

Edited By Mark Harris, Nigel Rapport
December 18, 2017

In this innovative volume, anthropologists turn their attention to a topic that has rarely figured as a focus of concerted investigation and yet which can be described as an intrinsic aspect of all human knowing and part of all processes by which human beings process information about themselves, ...

Exploring Atmospheres Ethnographically

Exploring Atmospheres Ethnographically

1st Edition

By Sara Asu Schroer, Susanne Schmitt
December 11, 2017

The notion of atmosphere has always been part of academic discourse, but often refers to something vague and diffuse - a phenomenon connected with our affective engagement with the world that is difficult to grasp. This volume develops and refines the concept of atmosphere, seeking to render it ...

Redrawing Anthropology Materials, Movements, Lines

Redrawing Anthropology: Materials, Movements, Lines

1st Edition

Edited By Tim Ingold
December 08, 2016

Why should anthropologists draw? The answer proposed in this groundbreaking volume is that drawing uniquely brings together ways of making, observing and describing. In twelve chapters, a team of authors from the UK, Europe, North America and Australia explore the potential of a graphic ...

Ways of Walking Ethnography and Practice on Foot

Ways of Walking: Ethnography and Practice on Foot

1st Edition

Edited By Jo Lee Vergunst, Tim Ingold
November 08, 2016

Despite its importance to how humans inhabit their environments, walking has rarely received the attention of ethnographers. Ways of Walking combines discussions of embodiment, place and materiality to address this significant and largely ignored 'technique of the body'. This book presents studies ...

Conversations With Landscape

Conversations With Landscape

1st Edition

Edited By Karl Benediktsson, Katrín Anna Lund
November 08, 2016

Conversations With Landscape moves beyond the conventional dualisms associated with landscape, exploring notions of landscape and its relation with humans through the metaphor of conversation. Such an approach conceives of landscape as an actor in the ongoing communication that is inherent in any ...

Design and Anthropology

Design and Anthropology

1st Edition

Edited By Wendy Gunn, Jared Donovan
November 08, 2016

Design and Anthropology challenges conventional thinking regarding the nature of design and creativity, in a way that acknowledges the improvisatory skills and perceptual acuity of people. Combining theoretical investigations and documentation of practice based experiments, it addresses ...

Imagining Landscapes Past, Present and Future

Imagining Landscapes: Past, Present and Future

1st Edition

Edited By Monica Janowski, Tim Ingold
November 08, 2016

The landscapes of human habitation are not just perceived; they are also imagined. What part, then, does imagining landscapes play in their perception? The contributors to this volume, drawn from a range of disciplines, argue that landscapes are 'imagined' in a sense more fundamental than their ...

Making and Growing Anthropological Studies of Organisms and Artefacts

Making and Growing: Anthropological Studies of Organisms and Artefacts

1st Edition

Edited By Elizabeth Hallam, Tim Ingold
November 08, 2016

Making and Growing brings together the latest work in the fields of anthropology and material culture studies to explore the differences - and the relation - between making things and growing things, and between things that are made and things that grow. Though the former are often regarded as ...

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