1st Edition

Anthropology in Action An Experiment in the Iringa District of the Iringa Province Tanganyika Terrirtory

By G. Gordon Brown, A. McD Bruce Hutt Copyright 1935
    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    292 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1935, when the province of Iringa in what is now Tanzania was still under British administrative control, this book is inevitably a product of its time, but nonetheless it represents an important project in collaboration between an anthropologist and a government official. Factors such as tribal organization and changes of it to aid administration are discussed as well as particular details relating to Hehe marriage and divorce are also examined. With regard to the political organization of the tribe the position of the headmen came under scrutiny as did the existence and basis of local loyalties. A close study of the native judicial system resulted in many mis-understandings between the District Office and the tribal authorities.

    Part 1. The Nature and Method of the Experiment

    Part 2. The Hehe Tribe 

    1. Social Organization

    2. Law

    3. Land Tenure

    4. Economics

    5. Religion

    6. Other Customs

    Part 3: The Changing Tribe

    7. Administration

    8. Taxation

    9. European Law

    10. New Religious Beliefs

    11. Education

    12. European Settlement

    Part 4: Conclusions


    G. Gordon Brown, A. McD Bruce Hutt