Anthropology of Asia

Series Editor: Shaun Malarney

Asia today is one of the most dynamic regions of the world. The previously predominant image of ‘timeless peasants’ has given way to the image of fast-paced business people, mass consumerism and high-rise urban conglomerations. Yet much discourse remains entrenched in the polarities of East versus West’, ‘Tradition versus Change’. This series hopes to provide a forum for anthropological studies which break with such polarities. It will publish titles dealing with cosmopolitanism, cultural identity, representations, arts and performance. The complexities of urban Asia, its elites, its political rituals, and its families will also be explored.

  • Japanese Bosses, Chinese Workers

    Power and Control in a Hongkong Megastore

    By Wong Heung Wah Wong

    Examines the ways in of organising work, rank, compensation, and promotion inside a large Japanese company in Hong Kong, and its spiritual training, to reveal the socio-economic base of managerial control. A must for anthropologists and Japanologists.…

    Paperback – 2016-06-01
    Anthropology of Asia

  • Cultural Crisis and Social Memory

    Modernity and Identity in Thailand and Laos

    Edited by Charles F. Keyes, Shigeharu Tanabe

    This book explores social memory in the context of cultural crises of modernity in Thailand and Laos. It explicates the ways in which social memory constructed by the people enters modernity, and how this in turn causes fundamental ruptures with their past, as well as the various ways cultural…

    Paperback – 2016-05-31
    Anthropology of Asia

  • Buddhism Observed

    Travellers, Exiles and Tibetan Dharma in Kathmandu

    By Peter Moran

    How do contemporary Westerners and Tibetans understand not only what it means to be 'Buddhist', but what it means to be hailed as one from 'the West' or from 'Tibet'? This anthropological study examines the encounter between Western travellers and Tibetan exiles in Bodhanath, on the outskirts of…

    Paperback – 2015-07-20
    Anthropology of Asia

  • Building Temples in China

    Memories, Tourism and Identities

    By Selina Ching Chan, Graeme Lang

    Much has been written on how temples are constructed or reconstructed for reviving local religious and communal life or for recycling tradition after the market reforms in China. The dynamics between the state and society that lie behind the revival of temples and religious practices initiated by…

    Hardback – 2015-02-25
    Anthropology of Asia

  • Calligraphy and Power in Contemporary Chinese Society

    By Yuehping Yen

    This unusual and interesting book is a fascinating account of the world of Chinese writing. It examines Chinese space and the political and social use of writing as propaganda, a publicity booster and as a ladder for social climbing.…

    Paperback – 2014-08-15
    Anthropology of Asia

  • Anthropology and Colonialism in Asia

    Comparative and Historical Colonialism

    By Jan van Bremen, Akitoshi Shimizu

    For a time it was almost a cliche to say that anthropology was a handmaiden of colonialism - by which was usually meant 'Western' colonialism. And this insinuation was assumed to somehow weaken the theoretical claims of anthropology and its fieldwork achievements.What this collection demonstrates…

    Paperback – 2014-05-19
    Anthropology of Asia

  • Varieties of Secularism in Asia

    Anthropological Explorations of Religion, Politics and the Spiritual

    Edited by Nils Ole Bubandt, Martijn Van Beek

    Varieties of Secularism is an ethnographically rich, theoretically well-informed, and intellectually coherent volume which builds off the work of Talal Asad, Charles Taylor, and others who have engaged the issue of secularism(s) and in socio-political life. The volume seeks to examine theories of…

    Paperback – 2014-03-21
    Anthropology of Asia

  • Night-time and Sleep in Asia and the West

    Exploring the Dark Side of Life

    Edited by Lodewijk Brunt, Brigitte Steger

    Ideas and practices concerning sleep and night-time are constantly changing and widely varied in different cultures and societies. What we do during the day and night is the result of much political struggle. Trade unions, political parties, entrepreneurs, leaders and schools boards, all have an…

    Paperback – 2013-12-12
    Anthropology of Asia

  • Chinese Death Rituals in Singapore

    By Tong Chee Kiong

    Through a cultural analysis of the symbols of death - flesh, blood, bones, souls, time numbers, food and money - Chinese Death Rituals in Singapore throws light upon the Chinese perception of death and how they cope with its eventuality. In the seeming mass of religious rituals and beliefs, it…

    Paperback – 2012-08-01
    Anthropology of Asia

  • The Tea Ceremony and Women's Empowerment in Modern Japan

    Bodies Re-Presenting the Past

    By Etsuko Kato

    The subject of the tea ceremony is well researched both in and outside of Japan, but the women who practice it are hardly ever discussed. The Tea Ceremony and Women's Empowerment in Modern Japan rectifies this by discussing the meaning of the Japanese tea ceremony for women practitioners in Japan…

    Paperback – 2012-07-13
    Anthropology of Asia

  • Asian Anthropology

    Edited by Jan Van Bremen, Eyal Ben-Ari, Syed Farid Alatas

    Asian Anthropology raises important questions regarding the nature of anthropology and particularly the production and consumption of anthropological knowledge in Asia. Instead of assuming a universal standard or trajectory for the development of anthropology in Asia, the contributors to this…

    Paperback – 2009-08-21
    Anthropology of Asia

  • Food and Foodways in Asia

    Resource, Tradition and Cooking

    Edited by Sidney Cheung, Chee-Beng Tan

    Food is an important cultural marker of identity in contemporary Asian societies, and can provide a medium for the understanding of social relations, family and kinship, class and consumption, gender ideology, and cultural symbolism. However, a truly comprehensive view of food cannot neglect the…

    Paperback – 2009-04-15
    Anthropology of Asia

  • Love in Modern Japan

    Its Estrangement from Self, Sex and Society

    By Sonia Ryang

    This compelling and controversial book places the concept of love in both a social and historical context. Taking an approach in which state formation and vicissitude of power are explicitly taken into account in the discussion of intimacy and love, the author demonstrates that love as idealization…

    Paperback – 2008-07-09
    Anthropology of Asia

  • The Ethnography of Vietnam's Central Highlanders

    A Historical Contextualization 1850-1990

    By Oscar Salemink

    This book looks at ethnographic discourses concerning the indigenous population of Vietnam's Central Highlands during periods of christianization, colonization, war and socialist transformation, and analyses these in their relation to tribal, ethnic, territorial, governmental and gendered…

    Hardback – 2002-12-12
    Anthropology of Asia

  • Culture, Ritual and Revolution in Vietnam

    By Shaun Malarney

    This is a study of the history and consequences of the revolutionary campaign to transform culture and ritual in northern Vietnam. Based upon official documents and several years of field research in Thinh Liet commune - a Red River delta community near Hanoi - it provides the first detailed…

    Hardback – 2002-06-27
    Anthropology of Asia

  • The Globalisation of Chinese Food

    Edited by Sidney Cheung, David Y. H. Wu

    By considering the practice of globalisation, these essays describe changes, variations and innovations to Chinese food in many parts of the world. The book reviews and broadens classic theories about ethnic and social identity formation through the examination of Chinese food, providing a powerful…

    Hardback – 2002-02-14
    Anthropology of Asia

  • The Legend of the Golden Boat

    Regulation, Trade and Traders in the Borderlands of Laos, Thailand, Burma and China

    By Andrew Walker

    This book provides a new approach to the study of South-East Asia's northern borderlands. Based on extensive travel in the upper-Mekong hinterland, it provides a fascinating account of the lives of the transport operators, traders, entrepreneurs and government officials who are contributing to the…

    Hardback – 1999-08-16
    Anthropology of Asia

  • Folk Art Potters of Japan

    Beyond an Anthropology of Aesthetics

    By Brian Moeran

    This is a study of a group of potters living in a small community in the south of Japan, and about the problems they face in the production, marketing and aesthetic appraisal of a kind of stoneware pottery generally referred to as mingei, or folk art. It shows how different people in an art world…

    Paperback – 1997-08-27
    Anthropology of Asia

  • Hong Kong

    Anthropological Essays on a Chinese Metropolis

    By Grant Evans, Maria Tam

    Hong Kong has become a by-word for all that is modern and sparkling in Asia today.Yet tourist brochures still play with the old cliche of Hong Kong as a place where 'East meets West'. Images of so-called 'traditional' China, junks sailing Victoria Harbour or old women praying to gods in smoky…

    Hardback – 1997-06-25
    Anthropology of Asia