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    A selection of Anti-Jacobin novels reprinted in full with annotations. The set includes works by male and female writers holding a range of political positions within the Anti-Jacobin camp, and represents the French Revolution, American Revolution, Irish Rebellion and political unrest in Scotland.

    Introduction to Waldorf, Note on the Text, Bibliography of Sophia King, Chronology of Sophia King, Introduction to St Godwin, Note on the Text, Bibliography of Edward Dubois, Chronology of Edward Dubois, Sophia King, Waldorf; or, The Dangers of Philosophy (1798), Volume I, Volume II, Edward Dubois, St Godwin: A Tale of the Sixteenth, Seventeenth, and Eighteenth Centuries, Editorial Notes, Silent Corrections and Textual Variants, Contemporary Reviews


    Verhoeven, W M; Johnson, Claudia L; Cox, Philip; Craciun, Adriana; Cronin, Richard