Anti-terrorism, Forensic Science, Psychology In Police Investigations  book cover
1st Edition

Anti-terrorism, Forensic Science, Psychology In Police Investigations

ISBN 9780367156602
Published May 31, 2021 by Routledge
430 Pages

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Book Description

This book presents a broad selection of the papers presented at IDENTA '85 on various topics, including counter-terrorism; Israel's experience with terrorism; police and terrorism; and psychological methods, forensic science and voice identification in criminal investigation. The conference on International Congress on Technologies for Police Identification & Counter-Terrorism, was held in 1985 in Jerusalem.

Table of Contents

Chapter count Mismatch Introduction Keynote Speech Keynote Speech The Role of Forensic Science in Criminal Investigations Countering Terrorism 1. Facing Unconventional Terrorism 2. The Terrorism of Left-Wingers in the Federal Republic of Germany and the Combat against the Terrorists 3. Firearms Examinations in a Terrorist Situation 4. Documents and Forgery in Terrorist Operations 5. Forensic Ballistics in Counter-Insurgency Warfare Israel's Experience with Terrorism 6. Trends in Palestinian Terrorism 7. The Reemergence of Jewish Terrorism in Israel 8. International Terrorism—A New Threat to Information Systems Security 9. Shi'ite Terrorism Police & Terrorism 10. The Israel National Police Bomb Disposal Unit 11. Survey of Selected Terrorist Devices Psychological Methods 12. A Method for Estimating the Accuracy of Individual Control Question Tests 13. A Built-in Validity in Polygraph Field Examinations 14. Validity of the Control Question Test in Two Levels of the Severity of Crimes 15. Decision Rules in Polygraph Examination 16. Computerized Polygraph Interpretations and Detection of Physical Countermeasures 17. The Psychological Stress Evaluator: A Validation Field Study 18. The Effect of Similarity on Psycho-physiological Responsivity to Pictorial and Verbal Stimuli 19. Hypnosis in Police Investigation: Principles and Safeguards Forensic Science in the Field 20. Field Kits: Forensic Examinations outside the Lab 21. The Role of the Forensic Clinical Specialist 22. Sexual Abuse Field Kits in the United Kingdom 23. The System for Evidence Collection for Sexual Assault Victims in Israel 24. Evidence Technicians : Agents of the Laboratory in the Field Voice Identification 25. Computer-Based Methods for Forensic Speaker Recognition 26. The Current Status of Voice Identification in Police Investigations in Israel 27. Forensic Applications of Automatic Speaker Verification Forensic Science 28. "Hitler Diaries" - Case History, Examination Results, Handling in Court 29. Hitler Diary Forgery 30. Techniques for Detecting Documents Created by Photocopy Machines 31. Surveillance under Adverse Weather Conditions: Wavelength Filtering Considerations 32. Analysis of Explosives in the Israel Forensic Science Laboratory 33. Recent Advances in Laser Latent Fingerprint Development 34. Speedometer Examination for Traffic Accident Reconstruction 35. Determination of Firing Distance by Total Nitrite 36. A Simple Adaptation of the Microspectrophotometer Docuspec TM/A for the Comparison of Small Quantities of Luminescent Materials 37. Forgeries of the USSR Drivers License 38. Handwriting Characteristics of Arabs writing Hebrew Forensic Identification 39. Identification of the Dead—Can Chiropodists Help? 40. Identification of the Seriously Damaged Body using Non-Dental Data Forensic Files and Computerization 41. An Approach to Laboratory Automation 42. Central Collections of Physical Evidence and Possibilities of Support Through Use of Computers 43. Computerization of the Fraudulent Cheque Collection 44. A Collection of Tool Marks Made by Self-locking Pliers on Broken Cylinder Locks 45. An Experimental Video-Disc Based Fingerprint Retrieval System 46. Automatic Digital Defocus Restoring Filter 47. Future Priorities in Forensic Science Research and Development in the Federal Republic of Germany 48. Shi'ite Terrorism

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