The Antibodies presents models, theories, and techniques of molecular biology for understanding the mechanisms of antibody action, including the genetics, and receptor and channel action. This book includes applications of engineered antibodies in diagnosis, immunotherapy, and protein purification. It provides new insights into the structural basis

    1. Understanding Human Immunoglobulin In vivo and Evolving Specificity's in vivo 2. Molecular Dissection of the Human Antibody Repertoire in Systemic Autoimmunity 3. Regulation of B-Cell Activation by the Co-Receptors: The CD19 Connection 4. Antibody Based Mechanisms for Tumor Immunity 5. Immunoglobulin V Gene Sequence Analysis Distinguish Two Subsets of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia B Cells 6. The Human Antibody Repertoire: Old Notions, Current Realities, and VH Gene-Dependant Biases 7. B-Cell Superantigens: An Overview of Structural, Evolutionary and Immunobiologic Considerations 8. Regulation and Expression of Immunoglobulin Heavy Chains


    Maurizio Zanetti, Donald J. Capra