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Innovations in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Creative Arts

Series Editor: Anthony Elliott

Hawke Research Institute, University of South Australia

This series addresses the importance of innovative contemporary, comparative and conceptual research on the cultural and institutional contradications of our times and our lives in these times. Antinomies publishes theoretically innovative work that critically examines the ways in which social, cultural, political and aesthetic change is rendered visible in the global age, and that is attentive to novel contradictions arising from global transformations. Books in the Series are from authors both well-established and early careers researchers. Authors will be recruited from many, diverse countries – but a particular feature of the Series will be its strong focus on research from Asia and Australasia. The Series addresses the diverse signatures of contemporary global contradictions, and as such seeks to promote novel transdisciplinary understandings in the humanities, social sciences and creative arts.

The Series Editor is especially interested in publishing books in the following areas that fit with the broad remit of the series:

  • New architectures of subjectivity
  • Cultural sociology
  • Reinvention of cities and urban transformations
  • Digital life and the post-human
  • Emerging forms of global creative practice
  • Culture and the aesthetic


Please contact the series editors with proposals for the series at:

Prof Anthony Elliott

Hawke Research Institute

University of South Australia

Underdale SA 5032

GPO Box 2471

Adelaide SA 5001


[email protected]

10 Series Titles

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Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Beyond Theorising Society and Culture of the 21st Century

Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Beyond: Theorising Society and Culture of the 21st Century

1st Edition


Edited By Dariusz Brzeziński, Kamil Filipek, Kuba Piwowar, Małgorzata Winiarska-Brodowska
December 02, 2024

This volume brings together eminent scholars from various parts of the world, representing different fields of knowledge in order to explore the social, cultural, political, and economic effects of the development of new technologies. On the one hand, the book contextualizes the discussion of ...

Beyond Capitalist Dystopia Reclaiming Freedom and Democracy in the Age of Global Crises

Beyond Capitalist Dystopia: Reclaiming Freedom and Democracy in the Age of Global Crises

1st Edition

By Davor Džalto
January 29, 2024

This provocative book interrogates the ideology of capitalism as the "default" narrative underpinning various mainstream ideologies in the contemporary world. The book explores the genesis, structure and functioning of this ideological narrative, provides its critical assessment and outlines a ...

The Algorithmic Unconscious How Psychoanalysis Helps in Understanding AI

The Algorithmic Unconscious: How Psychoanalysis Helps in Understanding AI

1st Edition

By Luca Possati
August 29, 2022

This book applies the concepts and methods of psychoanalysis to the study of artificial intelligence (AI) and human–AI interaction. It develops a new, more fruitful approach for applying psychoanalysis to AI and machine behavior. It appeals to a broad range of scholars: philosophers working on ...

Understanding Tourism Mobilities in Japan

Understanding Tourism Mobilities in Japan

1st Edition

Edited By Hideki Endo
May 06, 2022

The total number of foreign tourists received in countries throughout the world was 530 million in 1995. That number broke through the 1 billion mark for the first time in 2012, at 1,035,000,000. In 2015, it reached 1,180,000,000. According to Anthony Elliott and John Urry, modern society has been ...

Computational Power The Impact of ICT on Law, Society and Knowledge

Computational Power: The Impact of ICT on Law, Society and Knowledge

1st Edition

By Massimo Durante
March 12, 2021

We delegate more and more decisions and tasks to artificial agents, machine-learning mechanisms, and algorithmic procedures or, in other words, to computational systems. Not that we are driven by powerful ambitions of colonizing the Moon, replacing humans with legions of androids, creating sci-fi ...

Subverting Consumerism Reuse in an Accelerated World

Subverting Consumerism: Reuse in an Accelerated World

1st Edition

Edited By Robert Crocker, Keri Chiveralls
July 19, 2018

There is now a widespread interest in reuse in many domains, from opera houses built over old warehouses, to vintage clothes and everyday goods incorporating repurposed materials or parts. Despite its ubiquity, this extensive creative work is typically seen in narrowly environmental terms, as a ...

Opting Out and In On Women’s Careers and New Lifestyles

Opting Out and In: On Women’s Careers and New Lifestyles

1st Edition

By Ingrid Biese
January 24, 2017

Opting Out and In: On women’s careers and new lifestyles introduces a new perspective and definition of opting out that better reflects contemporary issues and lifestyles. The book offers a timely and comprehensive analysis of the phenomenon of women leaving high-powered careers, adding to current ...

Culture, Identity and Intense Performativity Being in the Zone

Culture, Identity and Intense Performativity: Being in the Zone

1st Edition

Edited By Tim Jordan, Brigid McClure, Kath Woodward
January 23, 2017

‘Being in the zone' means performing in a distinctive, unusual, pleasurable and highly competent way at something you already regularly do: dancing or playing a viola, computer programming, tennis and much more. What makes the zone special? This volume offers groundbreaking research that brings ...

A New Industrial Future? 3D Printing and the Reconfiguring of Production, Distribution, and Consumption

A New Industrial Future?: 3D Printing and the Reconfiguring of Production, Distribution, and Consumption

1st Edition

By Thomas Birtchnell, JOHN Urry
July 12, 2016

A New Industrial Future? examines whether a further industrial revolution is taking place around the world. In this compelling book Birtchnell and Urry examine such a new possible future involving the mass adoption of 3D printing. The locating of 3D printers in homes, offices, stores and workshops ...

The Consequences of Global Disasters

The Consequences of Global Disasters

1st Edition

Edited By Anthony Elliott, Eric Hsu
April 08, 2016

Disasters of the 21st century differ substantially from other kinds of hazards that previous societies have had to cope with because of the twin forces of globalization and the communications revolution. But what makes today’s disasters—industrial, technological, environmental, and ...

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