274 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    274 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Anxiety Hacks for an Uncertain World is a highly accessible guide to anxiety disorders. It helps anxiety sufferers regain control by suggesting an array of useful tactics which when applied can be life altering.

    Chapters explore key topics such as phobias, panic disorders, social anxiety, general anxiety, pandemics, and more. Additional resources are included in the appendix, such as support groups, services, and helplines. Using light humor and examples from their lived experiences the authors relate to readers and offer useful suggestions to overcome anxiety and understand it.

    This book will be essential for anyone suffering from anxiety and phobias or professionals working with this population. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with therapy.

    PART I: GENERALIZED ANXIETY DISORDER  1: The State of the World Tactics for Relief: How to Remain Hopeful Despite the Headlines and Hopelessness 2: Awaiting Medical Test Results Tactics for Relief: How to Manage Potential Medical Ambushes 3: Climate Change Tactics for Relief: How to Hug the Planet and Harmonize Your Well-Being 4: Receiving Bad News Tactics for Relief: How to Redirect a Negative Result Into a Righteous Response 5: Depression Tactics for Relief: How to Feel Better When the Depression Memes Aren’t Enough PART II: PHOBIAS 6: Fear of Living Creatures Tactics for Relief: Using Exposure Therapy to See the House Spider as Your Friend and Roommate 7: Fear of Taking on a New Challenge Tactics for Relief: How to Channel Your "Challenge Accepted" Mindset 8: Fear of Serious Injury Tactics for Relief: How to Fear Nothing, Including Fear of the Hurts 9: Homesickness Tactics for Relief: When Google Street View Isn’t Enough to Ease the Longing for your Homies PART III: SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER 10: Going Out Tactics for Relief: How to Go Big Instead of Going Home 11: Social Media Tactics for Relief: How to Digitally Cull and Detox Your Life 12: Dealing with Family Tactics for Relief: How to Mark Yourself "Safe" From Family Drama 13: Toxic People Tactics for Relief: How to Break the Toxic Ties Holding You Behind 14: Relationship Conflict Tactics for Relief: How to Rise Above the Conflict in Conflicts of Interest 15: Pandemic Tactics for Relief: How to Respond When a Virus Goes Viral 16: Starting a New Job Tactics for Relief: How to Manage the Anxiety of a New Gig PART IV: PANIC DISORDER 17: Chronic Illness or Pain Tactics for Relief: When You Want to Do All the Things, But Your Body Doesn’t 18: Birth of a Child Tactics for Relief: What to Do When You’re Still Tired from Yesterday’s Tired, and You’ve Already Used up Tomorrow’s Tired 19: Death of a Loved One Tactics for Relief: How to Ease the Impact of Life’s No. 1 Stressor 20: Breakup or Divorce Tactics for Relief: How to Handle "Goodbye" and the Flashbacks that Follow 21: Moving/Relocating Tactics for Relief: How to Stay Focused in the Presence of Bubble Wrap 22: Job Loss/Unemployment Tactics for Relief: How to Get Back Into Work Clothes Again


    Jon Patrick Hatcher is a California-based features writer, humorist, and the creator and co-author of 101 Ways to Conquer Teen Anxiety and The Teen Anxiety Guidebook. He also has a self-help humor blog titled "State of Anxiety" on Psychology Today. He loves steel drums and smelling new things. 

    Christopher Willard is a clinical psychologist, author, and consultant based in Massachusetts. He has been invited to more than two dozen countries to speak and has presented at two TEDx events. His thoughts on mental health have been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, mindful.org, cnn.com, and elsewhere. He teaches at Harvard Medical School.

    "...one of the most unique self-help books on anxiety that you’ll likely ever encounter. Hatcher and Willard not only know anxiety inside and out through their decades’ long clinical experience, but they can’t help but relay laugh-out-loud anecdotes of living anxiety-peppered lives. This would be a funny, de-stigmatizing memoir if they stopped there. But these anxiety gurus provide the reader with sound, evidence-based coping tactics for our crazy world that are designed to regulate the skittish brain, calm the anxious mind, and de-stress the nervous body. A must read for virtually all living humans."

    -Dr. Matt Hersh

    "Hatcher and Willard's Anxiety Hacks for an Uncertain World is a welcome addition to the anxiety help-seeker's toolkit. With shame, pain and stigma being so much a part of the anxiety struggle, this book's irreverent, fun angle helps readers gain the separation and perspective necessary to see anxiety, without being lost within it."   

    -Dr. Mitch Abblett