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Apocalypse and the Global Middle Ages

About the Series

The central focus of this interdisciplinary series is the consideration of apocalypticism as a cultural force in the global pre-1500 world. Too often apocalyptic expectation has focused within a more traditional ‘intellectual history’ frame, detached from wider considerations of contemporary politics, culture and religious practice. This series challenges us to think of how cultures and societies – often in conversation with one another - dealt with ideas of divine revelation, and reflects cutting edge research considering communities beyond Latin Christianity and beyond Europe. The series fosters interdisciplinary approaches, and publishes monographs and edited volumes combining the best elements of religious and cultural history, literary analysis, social history, and intellectual history.

For further information about contributing to the series please contact the series editors, Matthew Gabriele and James Palmer, or Michael Greenwood at Routledge


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Prophecy and Politics in the Early Carolingian World

Prophecy and Politics in the Early Carolingian World

1st Edition


By Andrew Sorber
April 23, 2024

Prophetic and apocalyptic rhetoric play critical roles in the development and articulation of political authority in the reigns of Charlemagne (d. 814) and Louis the Pious (d. 840). The rhetorical authority derived from claims of receiving revelation, interpreting divine communication, speaking for...

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