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    by Routledge

    226 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Fritz Graf here presents a survey of a god once thought of as the most powerful of gods, and capable of great wrath should he be crossed: Apollo the sun god.

    From his first attestations in Homer, through the complex question of pre-Homeric Apollo, to the opposition between Apollo and Dionysos in nineteenth and twentieth-century thinking, Graf examines Greek religion and myth to provide a full account of Apollo in the ancient world.

    For students of Greek religion and culture, of myth and legend, and in the fields of art and literature, Apollo will provide an informative and enlightening introduction to this powerful figure from the past.

    Why Apollo?: Why Write a Book on a God?  Key Themes  1. Apollo in Homer  2. Apollo the Musician  3. Oracular Apollo  4. Apollo, God of Healing  5. Apollo, the Young, and the City  6. Origins  Apollo afterwards  Chapter 7. Apollo‚Äôs Flourishing Aftermath


    Fritz Graf is currently Professor of Greek and Latin and Director of the Center for Epigraphical Studies at The Ohio State University. His main research interests are the religions of the Greek and Roman world, and his numerous publications include Greek Mythology: An Introduction (1993), Magic in the Ancient World (1997), and with Sarah Iles Johnston, Ritual texts for th Afterlife: The Bacchic Gold Tablets (2006)

    "Excellent introduction to the main features of the cult of Apollo. Intelligently written by one of the best specialists in the field, it is presented in a way that will appeal to the general reader in addition to the specialist." -Oxford Bibliographies Online