1st Edition

Applications of Cognitive Psychology Problem Solving, Education, and Computing

Edited By Dale E. Berger, Kathy Pezdek, William P. Banks Copyright 1987

    Published in the year 1986, Applications of Cognitive Psychology is a valuable contribution to the field of Cognitive Psychology.

    Part I A RANGE OF EDUCATIONAL APPLICATIONS; Chapter 1 Television Comprehension as an Example of Applied Research in Cognitive Psychology, KathyPezdek; Chapter 2, PatriciaM. Greenfield; Chapter 3 Learning Programming Languages: Research and Applications, Richard E. Mayer, Piraye Bayman, Jennifer L. Dyck; Chapter 4 An Investigation of Groups Working at the Computer, DavidTrowbridge; Chapter 5 Applying Cognitive Developmental Theory to the Acquisition of Literacy, George Marsh; REFERENCES; Part II II THE TEACHING OF THINKING AND PROBLEM SOLVING; Chapter 6 What is research with young people?, Diane F.Halpern; Chapter 7 Developing Reasoning Skills in College Students, Susan G.Nummedal; Chapter 8 Teaching Productive ProblemSolvingAttitudes, KennethPfeiffer, GregoryFeinberg, StevenGelber; Chapter 9 Learnable Aspects of Problem Solving: Some Examples, Richard E.Mayer; Chapter 10 A Task Analysis of Algebra Word Problems, Dale E.Berger, Jeffrey M.Wilde; Part III TRADEOFFS IN THE DESIGN OF HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERFACES; Chapter 11 , Donald A.Norman; Chapter 12 Some Tools for Redesigning System-Operator Interfaces, Arthur C.Graesser, Kathy L.Lang, C. ScottElofson; Chapter 13 Developing Computer Tools to Support Performing and Learning Complex Cognitive Skills, DavidMcArthur; Chapter 14 An Eva I uation Model of Chinese Graphemic Input Systems, Sheng-PingFang, Ovid J. L.Tzeng; Chapter 15 WANDAH—A Computerized Writer's Aid, Morton P.FriedmanIndex; Subject index;



    "...unique in its scope....Individual chapters are very well written and have extensive bibliographies -- these two assets add greatly to the book's value to faculty as well as students. Because of the range of topics covered, the book should be a welcome addition to any undergraduate library."
    American Library Association