1st Edition

Applications of Nonverbal Communication

Edited By Ronald E. Riggio, Robert S. Feldman Copyright 2005
    328 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    326 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    The goal of this edited volume is to provide a much needed bridge between the research on nonverbal communication and the application of those findings. The book features contributions from some of the leading researchers in the field. These distinguished scholars apply their understanding of nonverbal communication processes to a variety of settings including hospitals and clinics, courtrooms and police stations, the workplace and government, the classroom, and everyday life. It explores nonverbal communication in public settings, in intimate relationships, and across cultures and general lessons such as the importance of context, individual differences, and how expectations affect interpretation.

    Applications of Nonverbal Communication appeals to a diverse group of practitioners, researchers, and students from a variety of disciplines including psychology, health care, law enforcement, political science, sociology, communication, business and management. It may also serve as a supplement in upper level courses on nonverbal communication.

    Contents: R.S. Feldman, R.E. Riggio, Introduction. Part I: Health Applications. L. Martin, H.S. Friedman, Nonverbal Communication and Health Care. P. Philippot, C. Douilliez, T. Pham, M-L. Foisy, C. Kornreich, Facial Expressions Decoding Deficits in Clinical Populations With Interpersonal Relationship Dysfunctions. Part II: Applications to Law and Politics. M. Searcy, S. Duck, P. Blanck, Nonverbal Communication in the Courtroom and the "Appearance" of Justice. A. Vrij, S. Mann, Police Use of Nonverbal Behavior as Indicators of Deception. A. Goethals, Nonverbal Behavior and Political Leadership. Part III: Applications to Business and Education. R.E. Riggio, Business Applications of Nonverbal Communication. J.A. Woodzicka, M. LaFrance, Working on a Smile: Responding to Sexual Provocation in the Workplace. M. Harris, R. Rosenthal, No More Teachers' Dirty Looks: Effects of Teacher Nonverbal Behavior on Student Outcomes. Part IV: Social and Cultural Issues. P. Noller, J.A. Freeney, N. Roberts, A. Christensen, Withdrawal in Couple Interactions: Exploring the Causes and Consequences. M. O'Sullivan, Emotional Intelligence and Deception Detection: Why Most People Can't "Read" Others, But a Few Can. D. Matsumoto, S.H. Yoo, Culture and Applied Nonverbal Communication.


    Ronald E. Riggio, Robert S. Feldman