Applied Abstract Algebra with MapleTM and MATLAB®  book cover
3rd Edition

Applied Abstract Algebra with MapleTM and MATLAB®

ISBN 9781482248234
Published November 19, 2015 by Chapman & Hall
555 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Applied Abstract Algebra with MapleTM and MATLAB® provides an in-depth introduction to real-world abstract algebraic problems. This popular textbook covers a variety of topics including block designs, coding theory, cryptography, and counting techniques, including Pólya's and Burnside's theorems. The book also includes a concise review of all prerequisite advanced mathematics.

The use of sophisticated mathematical software packages such as MapleTM and MATLAB® allows students to work though realistic examples without having to struggle with extensive computations.

Notable additions to the third edition include expanded contemporary applications, coverage of the two-message problem, and a full chapter on symmetry in Western music. Several other parts of the book were also updated, including some MATLAB sections due to their adoption of the MuPAD computer algebra system since the last edition. This edition also contains more than 100 new exercises.

This new edition includes the two most widely used mathematical software packages. It builds upon the successful previous editions, favored by instructors and students alike.

Table of Contents

Preliminary Mathematics
Permutation Groups
Cosets and Quotient Groups
Rings and Euclidean Domains
Finite Fields
Finite Fields with Maple
Finite Fields with MATLAB
The Euclidean Algorithm

Block Designs
General Properties
Hadamard Matrices
Hadamard Matrices with Maple
Hadamard Matrices with MATLAB
Difference Sets
Difference Sets with Maple
Difference Sets with MATLAB

Error-Correcting Codes
General Properties
Hadamard Codes
Reed-Muller Codes
Reed-Muller Codes with Maple
Reed-Muller Codes with MATLAB
Linear Codes
Hamming Codes with Maple
Hamming Codes with MATLAB

BCH Codes
Error Correction
BCH Codes with Maple
BCH Codes with MATLAB

Reed-Solomon Codes
Error Correction
Error Correction Method Proof
Reed-Solomon Codes with Maple
Reed-Solomon Codes with MATLAB
Reed-Solomon Codes in Voyager 2

Algebraic Cryptography
Two Elementary Cryptosystems
Shift and Affine Ciphers with Maple
Shift and Affine Ciphers with MATLAB
Hill Ciphers
Hill Ciphers with Maple
Hill Ciphers with MATLAB
The Two-Message Problem

Vigenère Ciphers
Encryption and Decryption
Vigenère Ciphers with Maple
Vigenère Ciphers with MATLAB

RSA Ciphers
Preliminary Mathematics
Encryption and Decryption
RSA Ciphers with Maple
RSA Ciphers with MATLAB
Efficiency and Security Issues
The Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange with RSA
Discrete Logarithms with Maple
Discrete Logarithms with MATLAB

Elliptic Curve Cryptography
ElGamal Ciphers
ElGamal Ciphers with Maple
ElGamal Ciphers with MATLAB
Elliptic Curves
Elliptic Curves with Maple
Elliptic Curves with MATLAB
Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Elliptic Curve Cryptography with Maple
Elliptic Curve Cryptography with MATLAB

The Advanced Encryption Standard
Text Setup
The S-Box
Key Generation
The AES Layers
AES with Maple

Pólya Theory
Group Actions
Burnside’s Theorem
The Cycle Index
The Pattern Inventory
The Pattern Inventory with Maple
The Pattern Inventory with MATLAB
Switching Functions

Graph Theory
The Cycle Index of Sn
The Cycle Index of Sn with Maple
The Cycle Index of Sn with MATLAB
Counting Undirected Graphs
Counting Undirected Graphs with Maple
Counting Undirected Graphs with MATLAB

Symmetry in Western Music
Group Actions and Scales
Group Actions and Chords
Group Actions and Chords with Maple
Group Actions and Chords with MATLAB
Cayley Graphs for Z12
Twelve-Tone Rows
Twelve-Tone Rows with Maple
Twelve-Tone Rows with MATLAB


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Richard Klima, Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina, USA

Neil P. Sigmon, Radford University, Virginia, USA

Ernest Stitzinger, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA