1st Edition

Applied Aquaculture Biofloc Technology

By S. Felix, M. Menaga Copyright 2022
    222 Pages 32 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The intent of this book is to provide a detailed and specific set of guidelines for both aquapreneurs and researchers related to the application of Biofloc Technology in aquaculture. This book discusses key issues related to both adoption and practices for aquaculture businesses, how to monitor and assess quality and quantity of biofloc, and how to manage the microbial composition and sludge reduction risk in the fish and shrimp culture. The book works through the specific application of disease management and feed management tools for aquaculture from the perspective of this technology. Particular attention is paid on comparing the prototypes of floc development and evaluation on its efficacy in aquaculture.
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    1. Applied Aquaculture Biofloc Technology

    2. In-situ and Ex-situ Biofloc on Immune Response of Gift Tilapia

    3. Fertilization Prototype on Biofloc Development in Gift Tilapia Culture

    4. Distillary Spent Wash as a Carbon Source in Intensive Biofloc Nursery Rearing of Penaeus vannamei

    5. In-vivo Study of Bacillus sp Isolated from Biofloc System in Gift Tilapia

    6. Probiotic Potential of Bacillus Strains of Biofloc System on Growth Performance in Penaeus vannamei

    7. Extra Cellular Polymer Substances (EPS) Producing Bacteria From Biofloc of Nile Tilapia Culture System using Distillery Spent Wash as Carbon Source

    8. Ex-situ Production of Biofloc in In-Pond Raceways and Photobioreactor


    S. Felix, Dr. J.J. Fisheries University, Tamil Nadu, India.
    M. Menaga,  Dr. J.J. Fisheries University, Tamil Nadu, India.