1st Edition

Applied Behavior Science in Organizations Consilience of Historical and Emerging Trends in Organizational Behavior Management

Edited By Ramona Houmanfar, Mitch Fryling, Mark P. Alavosius Copyright 2022
    334 Pages 41 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    334 Pages 41 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Applied Behavior Science in Organizations provides a compelling overview of the history of Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) and the opportunity it presents for designing and managing positive work environments that can in turn have a positive impact on society.

    The book brings together leading experts from industry and research settings to provide an overview of the historical approaches in Organizational Behavior Management. It begins with an introduction to recognized practices in OBM and the applications of fundamental principles of behavior analysis to a variety of performance problems in organizational settings. The book then highlights how organizational practices and consumers’ behavior combine in a complex confluence to meet an organization’s goals and satisfy consumer appetites, whilst often unintentionally affecting the wellbeing of organizational members. It argues that the science of behavior has a responsibility to contribute to the safety, health and wellbeing of organizational members, consumers of organizational products, and beyond. Finally, the book recognizes the essential role of organizations in initiating, shaping, and sustaining the development of more nurturing and reinforcing work environments, through discussion of the need for innovation while adapting and responding to growing social upheaval, technological advances, and environmental concerns, alongside crises in the global economy, health, education, and environment.

    Showcasing emerging work by internationally recognized scholars on the application of behavior science in organizations, the book will be an essential read for all students and professionals of Organizational Behavior Management, as well as those interested in using organizational applications to create new models of management.

    Introduction: Applied Behavior Science in Organizations

    Ramona A. Houmanfar, Mitch Fryling & Mark P. Alavosius


    Ch. 1 Performance Management in Organizations

    David Wilder, Daniel Cymbal, and Nicole Gravina

    Ch. 2 Behavior Based Safety as a Replicable Technology

    Mark P. Alavosius & Kenneth Burleigh

    Ch. 3 The Foundations of Behavior-Based Instructional Design within Business

    Douglas Johnson

    Ch. 4 From Fluency Based Instruction to Accomplishment Based Performance Improvement

    Carl Binder

    Ch. 5 Behavioral Systems Analysis in Organizations

    Heather M. McGee and Brian J. Crowley-Koch

    Ch. 6 Paradox of Organizational Change: A Selectionist Approach to Improving Complex Systems

    Maria E. Malott


    Ch. 7 Consumer Behavior Analysis Meets the Marketing Firm

    Gordon R. Foxall

    Ch. 8 Acceptance and Commitment Training: Improving Performance in Organizations with Applied

    Behavioral Science

    Daniel J. Moran, Sonja Batten, Madison A. Gamble, and Paul Atkins

    Ch. 9 Prosocial: Using an Evolutionary Approach to Modify Cooperation in Small Groups

    Steven C. Hayes, Paul Atkins, and David Sloan Wilson

    Ch. 10 The Nurture Consilience: A Framework for Intentional Cultural Evolution

    Anthony Biglan and Magnus Johansson

    Ch. 11 Organization and Leadership in Resistance Movements: Constructing Justice

    Mark A. Mattaini and Kathryn M. Roose

    Ch. 12 Interbehavioral Psychology and Organizational Behavior Management

    Mitch Fryling, Linda Hayes, and William Fleming

    Ch. 13 High-Reliability Organizations: A Technical Context to Coordinate Behaviors

    Mark P. Alavosius & Ramona A. Houmanfar

    Ch. 14 Value Based Governance in Organizations and Beyond

    Ramona A. Houmanfar & Alison Szarko


    Ramona A. Houmanfar is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Behavior Analysis Program at the University of Nevada, Reno, USA.

    Mitch Fryling is Interim Associate Dean in the Charter College of Education at California State University, Los Angeles, USA.

    Mark P. Alavosius is President of Praxis² LLC and Graduate Faculty of Psychology in the Behavior Analysis Program at the University of Nevada, Reno, USA.