1st Edition

Applied Biocatalysis Volume 1

Edited By Harvey W. Blanch, Douglas S. Clark Copyright 1991

    This volume addresses the key topics: nonaqueous enzymology in general and protein design for organic solvents in particular, and enzymatic synthesis of carbon-carbon bonds, novel oligosaccharides, and modified steroids. It is a valuable source to experienced as well as potential users of enzymes.

    1. Principles and Applications of Nonaqueous Enzymology 2. Enzyme Design for Nonaqueous Solvents 3. Applications of Enzymatic Aldol Reactions in Organic Synthesis 4. Enzymatic Synthesis of Complex Carbohydrates and Their Glycosides 5. Enzymatic Modification of Steroids


    Harvey W. Blanch (University of California, Berkeley) (Edited by) ,  Douglas S. Clark (University of California, Berkeley) (Edited by)