1st Edition

Applied Control Current Trends and Modern Methodologies

By S. G. Tzafestas Copyright 1993
    1072 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book provides a representative set of modern methodologies and applications, including new topics in the field, discussing a wide range of issues and treating them in depth. The book describes analytical processes for fault diagnosis of automatic control systems, examines modern sensors and actuators as well as measurement techniques, considers multidimensional feedback control and image restoration procedures, among other topics.

    "System Fault Diagnostic Methodologies Failure Detection and Indentification for Dynamic Systems: Statistical Approaches, Spyros G. Tzafestas and Keigo Watanabe Failure Detection and Identification for Dynamic Systems: Analytical Redundancy Approaches, Spyros G. Tzafestas and Keigo Watanabe Fault Diagnosis in the Dynamic Part of Automatic Control Systems, Paul M. Frank, J. Wunnenberg, and Xianchun Ding Fault Diagnosis in the Electronic Part of Automatic Control Systems, Walter Geisselhardt and Axel Hunger Modern Sensors and Actuators Sensors, J. L. Van Eck and P. Mathys Introduction to Optical Sensors, Jean Ebbeni Measurement and Speech Management in Automatic Control Systems, Edmund Gerhard and Sebastian Tondorf Fluid Power Actuators, Jean J. Hanton System Control and Stability Methodologies Adaptive Control, Kvein Warwick Adaptive Control: Stabilization, LAszlO Hatvani Robust Stabilizing Control: An Overview, Andrzej Kurylowicz, Irena M. Jaworska, and Spyros G. Tzafestas On the Tracking Problem for Nonlinear Systems, Ljubomir T. Gruji Control of Periodic Systems by Use of Floquet Transformations, Jean-Pierre Richard, A. B. Rabenasolo, and A. Saadane Optimality and Reliability in Control System Design, Michel Mariton Multidimensional Signal Analysis and Control Methodologies Prony Methods for Two-Dimensional Complex Exponential Signal Modeling, Sergio D. Cabrera and N. K. Bose Image-Restoration Techniques: Overview and Classification of Related Estimation Approaches, Michael E. Zervakis and Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos Feedback Strategies in Two-Dimensional Control Theory, M. Bisiacco, Ettore Fornasini, and Giovanni Marchesini Optimal Control of Singular Two-Dimensional Linear Systems, Tadeusz Kaczorek Robot Control and Stability Methodologies Modeling and Control of Robotic Systems, Miomir K. Vukobratovi Gross Motion Control of Robotic Manipulators, Michael B. Leahy, Jr. On the Four-Parameter Controller-Based Manipulator Payload-Variation Detection and Accommodation, K. P. Valavanis and C. A. Jacobson Force Control of Robot Manipulators, Ty A. Lasky and Tien C. Hsia Microcomputer-Based Decentralized Control of Robotic Manipulators, Youlian Song and Robin M. C. De Keyser Connectionist Control Structures for High-Efficiency Learning in Robots, Miomir K. Vukobratovic and Dusko Katic Stability Analysis of Robotic Systems, Miomir K. Vukobratovic and Dragan M. Stokic Artificial Intelligence and Expert Control Methodologies Artificial Intelligence in Real-Time Control, H. B. Verbruggen, A. J. Krijgsman, P. M. Bruijn, and R. Jager Expert Systems for Control Systems Design, Brian P. Butz and Neil F. Palumbo Expert Control: Intelligent Tuning of PID Controllers, Karl-Erik Arzen Knowledge-Based Real-Time Supervision of Dynamical Processes: Basic Principles and Methods, Joseph Agullar-Martin Applications Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems for Managerial Decision Making, M. G. Singh Artificial Intelligence in Planning, Scheduling, and Control of Manufacturing Systems, Andrew Kusiak, Jaekyoung Ahn, and Kwangho Park Telerobotic Control Structures, Gerhard Hirzinger Integrated Structural/Control Design for Modal Control of Flexible Structures, Hiroshi Okubo and Gunther Schmidt Optimal Control of Economic Systems, Gustav Feichtinger "


    S. G. Tzafestas

    ". . .each chosen subject is treated in sufficient depth, so that a reader interested in the respective part of the control domain will receive enough information to be able to understand the role that topic can play in [present-day] control systems. . .. . . .can be used by researchers that are concerned with new topics of control; they can find good starting points, basic principles of several new methods, references to more specific texts, ideas about the open problems."
    ---Buletinul Institutului Politehnic