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Environmental Technology Handbook 2nd Edition

Environmental Technology Handbook: 2nd Edition

2nd Edition

By James G. Speight, James G Speight
April 01, 2000

The development of civilization has upset much of the earth’s ecosystem leading to air, land, and water pollution. The author defines pollution as the introduction of a foreign substance into an ecosystem via air, land or water. This book delves into issues that effect the everyday lives of people ...

Alternative Fuels

Alternative Fuels

1st Edition

By Sunggyu Lee
September 01, 1996

Environmentally acceptable alternative fuels are in demand. This book dicusses the energy resources that are directly tied to the alleviation of petroleum dependence, and the science and technology in the area of alternative fuels. Various process treatments leading to cleaner and better use of ...

Handbook on Bioethanol Production and Utilization

Handbook on Bioethanol: Production and Utilization

1st Edition

By Charles Wyman
July 01, 1996

Bioethanol is a versatile transportation fuel and fuel additive that offers excellent performance and reduced air pollution compared to conventional fuels. Its production and use adds little, if any, net release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, dramatically reducing the potential for global ...

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