1st Edition

Applied Engineering Sciences Proceedings of the 2014 AASRI International Conference on Applied Engineering Sciences, Hollywood, LA, USA

Edited By Wei Deng Copyright 2015

    This proceedings volume contains selected papers presented at the 2014 AASRI International Conference on Applied Engineering Sciences, held in Hollywood, LA, USA. Contributions cover the latest developments and advances in the field of Applied Engineering Sciences.

    Computer and information sciences
    A framework for mobile microrobots control 
    F. Dragomir, M. Ivan & A. Ivan
    A novel wideband band-stop filter based on SRR DGS 
    M. Peng, M.Q. Li, B. Rong & Y. Ding
    Research on the transmission enhancement properties of a novel subwavelength grating structure and mechanism 
    H.X. Chang, M.Q. Li, S. Zhang & Y. Ding
    A compensated three-stages sharpened comb decimation filter 
    M.G.C. Jimenez & G.J. Dolecek
    A recommendation algorithm for multiple e-commerce sites 
    Q.X.Wang, L. Gong & N.Q. He
    Neural network ensembles using regularized negative correlation learning for classification with imbalanced data 
    X.Y. Fu
    The design and construction of an Intelligent Management System on the investigation and evaluation of life style 
    Jialing Wu
    The idea of intelligent management of community residents physique health in the era of Big Data – Setting Shanghai as an example 
    C.L. He
    The strategic games of competitive sport intelligence in the Big Data era 
    Jialing Wu

    Fundamental and applied sciences
    Four types of Positive-definite Quaternion Matrices and their properties 
    Junliang Wu
    Research into an index system and a mathematical model for evaluating for the sense of happiness amongst waterway staff in China 
    Q.H. Jiang & J.X. Luo
    Improving lost-wax casting with Six Sigma methodology 
    W. Laosiritaworn, P. Rangsee, P. Chanduen & P. Klanarong
    Overnight coordinated charging of plug-in electric vehicles based on maximum sensitivities selections 
    A.S. Masoum, S. Deilami, M.A.S. Masoum, A. Abu-Siada & S. Islam
    Optimal scheduling of LTC and switched shunt capacitors in smart grid considering overnight charging of Plug-in Electric Vehicles 
    S. Deilami, A.S. Masoum, M.A.S. Masoum, A. Abu-Siada & S. Islam
    Research on the volatility of Chinese Open-end Funds’ return based on the ARMA-GARCH model 
    X.Q. Zhang, K. Zhao & S.N. Xu
    An empirical analysis of exchange rates based on ARIMA-GJR-GARCH model 
    S.N. Xu, K. Zhao & J.J. Sun
    The distribution function of option price under the Bayesian framework 
    J.J. Sun, K. Zhao & X.Q. Zhang
    The unfavourable wavelength of speed-up railway rail vertical profile irregularity 
    Z.-C.Wang & Y. Song

    Material science and mechanical engineering
    Phytosterols and fatty acids analytical determination on Lodoicea Maldivica fruit 
    S. Falcinelli, M. Giorgini & B. Sebastiani
    New features of nanostructured ZnO prepared by simple technique as UV photodetector 
    N.K. Hassan, A.K. Dahash Ali & M.R. Hashim
    The effects of rehydration of cement in recycled crushed concrete road base 
    S. Deilami, C. Leek, H. Nikraz & H. Asadi
    Introducing a novel class separability criterion into unsupervised feature extraction 
    S.-Q. Cao, X.M. Zuo & B.K. Li
    Dynamic hysteresis modelling of ferromagnetic Heisenberg films using mean-field and Fourier analysis 
    Y. Laosiritaworn, C. Supatutkul & K. Kanchiang
    Tooth width design of the arc tooth face-gear 
    Y.M. Cui, L.P.Wang & X.Z. Feng
    Effect of process parameters on cellulose acetate scaffolds morphology obtained by supercritical CO2 phase inversion 
    I. De Marco, L. Baldino, S. Cardea & E. Reverchon

    Management science and engineering
    Input-output analysis of industrial economic development based on conservation, ecology view in big cities 
    Y.H. Zhang & C.J. Li
    Developing knowledge community in the open access environment 
    Y.J. Zhu
    Research on innovative product development and design methods 
    Z.H. Huang & B.Z. Hu
    The construction of a high energy consuming industry ecosystem 
    J. Yan, J.P. Han & Y.T.Wang
    An inductive literature review of REITs by data mining methods 
    J.Y. Huang, Y.C. Kao,W.C. Lu & J.C.P. Shieh
    Investigation of priority scheduling of split process flows of a metallurgical enterprise 
    A. Pesin, N. Shemshurova, N. Lokotunina, I. Pesin & M. Sverdlik
    Talking lightly on how to use the TV drama to show the national tourism resources and cultural connotations 
    X.Y. Lin
    A report on the current situation of protection and inheritance of timberwork construction technology of the Dong national minority of Sanjiang, Guangxi, China 
    H.B. Liu
    Teaching methods and teaching effect relationship empirical research 
    R. Kong, S. Yu & J.-W. Chen
    Research on aesthetic education in teaching swimming to teenagers 
    T. Liao


    Wei Deng