1st Edition

Applied Ergonomics Handbook

By Michael J. Burke Copyright 1991
    272 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Applied Ergonomics Handbook is a procedural guide that includes forms, protocols, and "real life" suggestions for preventing musculoskeletal trauma in the workplace. The book is based on the results of years of job site analysis experience using various techniques to find out which procedures are least cumbersome, most practical, and still remain objective.
    The book's step-by-step format lends itself to selecting the procedures, forms, and advice that are most appropriate to a wide array of groups. Readers can use the techniques presented as is or customize them to fit their personal or professional philosophies.
    Applied Ergonomics Handbook is perfect for health and safety professionals, physical therapists, occupational therapists, occupational health nurses and physicians, occupational health center directors, industrial hygienists and engineers, ergonomists, human factors professionals, insurance risk managers, and human resource administrators.

    Start Ergonomics Process
    Company Logistics Background
    Select the Criteria
    Compute Total Incidence
    Identify Problem Areas
    Select Target Jobs
    Select Recording Procedures
    Comfort-Level Survey
    Start Ergonomics Committee
    Compile Job Description
    Determine Job Exposure
    List of Duties
    Interview Selected Workers
    Determine Duty Exposure
    Perform On-Site Observation
    Measure Static Elements
    Measure Dynamic Forces
    Perform Duty/Task Breakdown
    Quantify Each Task
    Perform Task/Step Breakdown
    Quantify the Steps
    Identify Risk Factors
    Quantify Risk Factors
    Find Ergonomic Solutions
    Choose Effective Solutions
    Implement Effective Solutions
    Measure Solution Success
    Prepare Management Report
    Appendix A: Corporate Ergonomics Program Implementation
    Appendix B: Definitions
    Appendix C: Background Information for the Ergonomics Committee
    Appendix D: Worker Intervention Considerations
    Appendix E: NIOSH Formula
    Appendix F: Additional Readings
    Appendix G: Sample Ergonomics Analysis


    Burke\, Michael J.