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Applied Legal Philosophy: Applied Legal Philosophy

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The principal objective of this series is to encourage the publication of books which adopt a theoretical approach to the study of particular areas or aspects of law, or deal with general theories of law in a way which is directed at issues of practical, moral and political concern in specific legal contexts. The general approach is both analytical and critical and relates to the socio-political background of law reform issues. This series includes studies of all the main areas of law, presented in a manner which relates to the concerns of specialist legal academics and practitioners. Each book makes an original contribution to an area of legal study while being comprehensible to those engaged in a wide variety of disciplines. Their legal content is principally Anglo-American, but a wide-ranging comparative approach is encouraged and authors are drawn from a variety of jurisdictions.

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The Right Not to be Criminalized Demarcating Criminal Law's Authority

The Right Not to be Criminalized: Demarcating Criminal Law's Authority

1st Edition

By Dennis J. Baker
October 26, 2016

This book presents arguments and proposals for constraining criminalization, with a focus on the legal limits of the criminal law. The book approaches the issue by showing how the moral criteria for constraining unjust criminalization can and has been incorporated into constitutional human rights ...

Legisprudence Practical Reason in Legislation

Legisprudence: Practical Reason in Legislation

1st Edition

By Luc J. Wintgens
October 17, 2016

This book establishes legisprudence, in contrast to jurisprudence, as a legal theory of rational law-making. It suggests that by rejecting the common wisdom about the nature of political law-making, legislation could be improved and streamlined. Using the methods, theoretical insights and tools of ...

Legislation in Context: Essays in Legisprudence

Legislation in Context: Essays in Legisprudence

1st Edition

Edited By Luc J. Wintgens
September 12, 2016

The essays in this volume set out to provide a rational framework for legislation. Whilst legislation and regulation is the result of a political process, this volume considers whether they can also be the object of theoretical study. It examines the problems that are common to most European legal...

Principled Engagement Negotiating Human Rights in Repressive States

Principled Engagement: Negotiating Human Rights in Repressive States

1st Edition

Edited By Morten B. Pedersen, David Kinley
September 06, 2016

What is the best way to promote human rights in grossly repressive states when neither sanctions nor trade and investment have much effect? This book examines the concept of Principled Engagement as an often overlooked alternative strategy for alleviating human rights violations and improving the ...

Ratio and Voluntas The Tension Between Reason and Will in Law

Ratio and Voluntas: The Tension Between Reason and Will in Law

1st Edition

By Kaarlo Tuori
September 06, 2016

From the ancient beginnings of Western legal tradition, law has been conceived as traversed by a fundamental tension between power (will) and reason. This volume examines the tension between these two poles, 'ratio and voluntas' in modern law. Part I focuses on three instructive phases in the ...

The Constitutional Corporation Rethinking Corporate Governance

The Constitutional Corporation: Rethinking Corporate Governance

1st Edition

By Stephen Bottomley
September 06, 2016

Corporate laws are based on the idea that the interests of shareholders should be the primary concern of company directors. However, some argue that the proper role for shareholders is to sit back and let the corporation's managers do their job, or that the pursuit of shareholders' interests ...

Liquid Society and Its Law

Liquid Society and Its Law

1st Edition

By Jiří Přibáň
August 28, 2007

This collection of essays brings together Zygmunt Bauman and a number of internationally distinguished legal scholars who examine the influence of Bauman's recent works on social theory of law and socio-legal studies. Contributors focus on the concept of 'liquid society' and its adoption by legal ...

Legitimizing Human Rights Secular and Religious Perspectives

Legitimizing Human Rights: Secular and Religious Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Angus J.L. Menuge
August 13, 2013

When does the exercise of an interest constitute a human right? The contributors to Menuge’s edited collection offer a range of secular and religious responses to this fundamental question of the legitimacy of human rights claims. The first section evaluates the plausibility of natural and ...

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