1st Edition

Applied Mechanics and Civil Engineering VI

Edited By

Liquan Xie

ISBN 9781138626317
Published January 5, 2017 by CRC Press
242 Pages

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Book Description

Applied Mechanics and Civil Engineering VI includes the contributions to the 6th International Conference on Applied Mechanics and Civil Engineering (AMCE 2016, Hong kong, China, 30-31 December 2016), and showcases the challenging developments in the areas of applied mechanics, civil engineering and associated engineering practice. The book covers a wide variety of topics:
- Applied mechanics and its applications in civil engineering;
- Bridge engineering;
- Underground engineering;
- Structural safety and reliability;
- Reinforced concrete (RC) structures;
- Rock mechanics and rock engineering;
- Geotechnical in-situ testing & monitoring;
- New construction materials and applications;
- Computational mechanics;
- Natural hazards and risk, and
- Water and hydraulic engineering.

Applied Mechanics and Civil Engineering VI will appeal to professionals and academics involved in the above mentioned areas, and it is expected that the book will stimulate new ideas, methods and applications in ongoing civil engineering advances.

Table of Contents


Behavior of large deformation and supporting measures in soft rock tunnel, K. Bian, X. Zheng, Y. He & J. Liu

Integrating in-situ tests on the excavation damaged zone of underground caverns, F. Ai, J. Liu, N. Chen, H. Xiao & G. Shao

Screening of lactobacillus rhamnosus of high-yielding conjugated linoleic acid by UV mutagenesis, L. Fang, M.-Z. Zheng, Z.-R. Zhang, P. Wang , Z.-H. Wang & W.-H. Min

Intelligent safety monitoring and hazard warning method of highway dangerous rock, Z. Yan & H. Chai

Studies on the mechanism of ecological restoration of eutrophic water in tropical shallow urban lake, G. Chen

Modal identification method using the random decrement technique combined with HHT, W. Qiao, G. Liu & R. Li

Study on the creep characteristics and constitutive model of schist in natural and saturated states, S.G. Liu, A.J. Guan, J. Liu & Z.P. Liu

Effect of Nano-CaCO3 on performance of cement and concrete X. Chen, H. Cao, L. Weng & J. Qin

Rock loosening deformation and security characters research of columnar jointed basalt based on monitoring information fusion, L. Jiang, X. Wang, X. Li, J. Sun, Y. Zhao & L. Liu

Low-energy environmental improvement for glass curtain wall buildings, M. Cheng, X.Z. Zheng & W. Cao

Study on the mechanical properties of damaged steel beam, X. Hu, Y. Xiang, Y. Chen, Z. Yuan & X. Xiang

Analysis on structural behavior of steel frame of damaged beam-end, X. Hu, Y. Chen, Y. Xiang, Z. Yuan & Z. Jiang

Application of stable isotopes in the study of lakes and reservoirs leakage, M. Wu, Y. Lin, T. Lu, J. Niu & W. Zhang

Causes analysis on the collapse accident on tsinghua university high school construction site using "24 model", H. Zhang & G. Fu

Research on the rule of development of pore water pressure during the rake tooth shears the saturated dense silt soil, G. Liu, G. Hong, Q. Zhang, D. Shen, Z. Zhu & L. Xie

Study on punching shear strength and deformation capacity of RC slabs based on database, C. Huang, S. Pu & Q. Ma

Experimental study on impact localization based on wavelet analysis, Y. Chen, H. Chen & L. Huang

Analysis on shield tool wear problems in variable compound stratum, J. Guo, S. Qiao, R. Xu & D. Geng

Anchor cable encircled modes of un-bonded annular anchors for pre-stressed tunnel lining, J. Pi, R. Cao, Y. Zhao & Z. Jia

Simulation of oil transport after oil spill in Bohai Sea, L. Lei & W. He

The construction technology of earth pressure balance shield in sand stratum section, Y. Li, S. Qiao, Z. Zhang & L. Yong

Effect of chemical-mechanical activation on cementitious activity of iron ore tailings, C.-A. Piao, D. Wang & L.-R. Zhang

The design value of vertical earth pressure for hydraulic tunnels, Z. Zhou & G. Wang

Numerical simulation of sediment erosion and transport in diversion tunnels of hydropower station, X. Wang, P. Yu & J. Liang

Lattice Boltzmann modeling of two-phase flows in complex porous media considering surface hydrophobicity, H. Chen & Z. Chen

Optimization of primary support parameters for the main structure of the tunnel of Beijing, R. Cao, L. Zheng, X. Xue & Y. Zhao

Processes of storm-induced fluid mud formation in open muddy channels, Q.X. Pang, R.B. Zhang & C.P. Wen

The runoff variation trend analysis of dongting lake in China, D.H.Mao, C. Feng, H. Zhou, Z.Z. Li, G.W. Hu & R.Z. Guo

Numerical simulation of the lock release gravity current in a linearly stratified enviroment, Q. Yu, B. Shi, Z. Zhang & J.E.F. Baruch

Simplified method to calculate buoyancy in multi-layered strata, M. Tang, C. Zhang & H. Chen

Effect of dissolved oxygen on nitrate removal from the drinking groundwater with rice wine addition, Q. Tong, Y. Chen, L. Li & Y. Jiang

Low-frequency variability of sea surface height in the tropical pacific ocean, Y. Jia, M. Chen & J. Zuo

Study on the influence of water content to stability of gypsum pillar, A.-B. Chen, C.-D. Ma, X.-M. Liu & Y.-N. Zhou

Study of the material parameters of self-anchored suspension bridges, C.-H. Kou, L. Chen, S.-W. Ma & M.-L. Yang

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Liquan Xie is an associate professor in the College of Civil Engineering at the Tongji University, Shanghai, China. He has more than 20 years of teaching, research, and industrial experience related to hydraulic engineering and geotechnical engineering. He has published more than 60 research papers and spent about 10 years teaching many courses for undergraduate and graduate students. Previously, he worked on the construction of Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River, the third longest in the world. He also built up technical experience on the construction of large river-crossing bridges and highways.