1st Edition

Applied System Innovation Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Applied System Innovation (ICASI 2015), May 22-27, 2015, Osaka, Japan

    302 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    The 2015 International Conference on Applied System Innovation (ICASI 2015) was held May 22-27, 2015 in Osaka, Japan and provided a unified communication platform for researchers active in a wide range of research fields. Professionals from industry, academia and government were encouraged to discourse on research and development, professional practice, business and management in the information, innovation, communication and engineering fields.

    This conference enabled interdisciplinary collaboration between science and engineering technologists in the academic and industry fields as well as networking internationally. The conference received 1063 submitted papers, whereby 421 papers were selected by the committees to be presented at the ICASI 2015 conference. These papers were divided into 13 Regular Sessions and 13 Invited Sessions, and presented in several parallel sessions. The ICASI 2015 committees selected 226 excellent papers for publication in this proceedings volume, covering topics ranging from information technology, innovation design, communication science and engineering, industrial design, creative design, applied mathematics, computer science, design theory and cultural and creative research to electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical and automation engineering, green technology and architecture engineering and material science, among others.


    Advanced Material Science & Engineering
    Ultradrawing and ultimate tenacity properties of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene composite fibers filled with nanosilica particles with varying specific surface areas
    J.-T. Yeh, D. Yi, C.-K. Wang, L.-K. Huang, C.-C. Tsai & W.-Y. Lai
    Dual-mode frequency response using solidly mounted resonators
    W.C. Shih, Y.C. Chen, W.T. Chang, C.Y. Wen, P.W. Ting, K.S. Kao & C.C. Cheng
    A study on the properties of ADI with two-step austenitization
    D.-S. Yang & T.-J. Peng
    Railway trial section with geocomposite positioned beneath the ballast bed for lifetime extension of track geometry
    L. Horníček, M. Holý & P. Jasanský
    Robust Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering substrates with massive nanogaps derived from silver nanocubes self-assembled on a massed silver mirror via 1, 2-ethanedithiol monolayer as linkage and ultra-thin spacer
    R.-T. Lin, T.-C. Wen, K.-W. Tsai & S.-C. Cheng
    Verification of strain gauge and geodetic measurements during long-term monitoring of Gagarin bridge in working conditions
    J. Bures, L. Klusacek, R. Necas & J. Fixel
    Epitaxial growth of GaN on ZnO micro-rod by Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy
    S.-T. You, I. Lo, J.-K. Tsai & C.-H. Shih
    Growth of two-dimensional ZnO nanostructures on a Si substrate and their application to field emission devices
    S.J. Young, L.T. Lai, T.H. Meen, Y.H. Liu & L.W. Ji
    Oil and cream improvements on hair keratin
    C.-L. Chang, T.-H. Ho & T.-H. Fang
    Growth of titanium oxide nanotubes on Ti foil substrate by using electrochemical method
    J. Liu, Y.-C. Chen, Y.-I. Ho, W.-Y. Lin & C.-F. Yang
    Effect of Li2CO3 addition on the microstructure and electrical properties of lead-free (Na0.5K0.5)NbO3-Bi0.5(Na0.90K0.10)0.5TiO3
    C.H. Wang
    A Photonic Crystal Fiber sensor based on a spherical-shape structure
    W. Liu, Y. Cao & Z.G. Tong
    Thermal performance evaluation of the paper honeycomb board used as insulation material
    K. Kobayashi & H. Matsumoto

    Communication Science & Engineering
    Joint DOA and DOD estimation using real-valued implementation in bistatic MIMO radars
    A.-C. Chang
    A generating scheme of a side-peak-free correlation function for TMBOC(6,1,4/33) signal tracking based on cross-correlations
    K. Chae, S. Woo, S. Yoon, S. Yoo, S.Y. Kim, G.-I. Jee, H. Liu & D.-J. Yeom
    A side-peak removal scheme for cosine-phased BOC signal tracking
    K. Chae, S. Woo, S. Yoon, S. Yoo, S.Y. Kim, G.-I. Jee, H. Liu & D.-J. Yeom
    Enhanced utilization of resource allocation scheme for real-time traffic in LTE network
    Y.-T. Mai, J.-Y. Chen, C.-C. Yang, C.-H. Fang & C.-C. Hu
    Congestion Control for massive Machine Type Communications in LTE Networks
    J.-Y. Chen & Y.-T. Mai
    An Efficient LISP Locator Evaluation scheme for traffic control in Wireless Mesh Networks
    P.-J. Lin
    Evolution of UI’s Influence
    C. Jiaxiang, C. Jiangyu & K.-K. Fan
    A modified grouping protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks based on SDN
    J.-J. Liaw, M.-K. Hsu, C.-W. Chou & H.-C. Chu
    Collision-free emergency message delivery in vehicular ad hoc networks
    C.-H. Ou, C.-F. Chao, W.-P. He & C.-M. Gao
    Development of an interactive water screen using Kinect based on 3D arm movement recognition
    Y.-X. Zhao, M.-C. Kan, C.-J. Pan, C.-H. Chou, H.-J. Chen & Y.-Z. Hsieh
    Box-office statistics analysis of Zhang Yimou’s films in Spanish marketing
    L.-L. Mao
    Blind CFO estimation using particle swarm optimization for interleaved OFDMA Uplink
    A.-C. Chang
    A design of multimedia CAI material on optical fiber splicing and measurement
    Y.H. Yeh, Y.E. Wu & W.C. Hsu

    Computer Science & Information Technology
    Review of robust biometrics based three-factor remote user authentication scheme with key agreement
    T.T. Ngo & T.Y. Choe
    Axiomatic approaches based on the software trustworthiness measure
    H.W. Tao, Y.X. Chen & J.M. Pang
    3-Dimension personal identification and its applications based on Kinect
    C.H. Lin, J.C. Liu & S.Y. Lin
    High accuracy 3-D shape measurement system based on structured light
    W.T. Huang, H.L. Tseng, J.C. Dai, S.Y. Tan & C.H. Chen
    An innovative RFID-embedded certificate mechanism for applying and recruiting of jobs
    Y.-Y. Chen, J.-K. Jan, Y.-J. Wang & C.-C. Huang
    Evaluate the performance of K-means distance functions with string edit distance and the open directory project
    C.-H. Tseng & Y.-H. Chen
    Image super-resolution using hierarchical DWT coefficient replacement
    C.-M. Chou, C.-W. Huang, W.-L. Jian & T.-P. Chien
    A study of spherical trajectory tracking using a single camera
    H.-C. Chu, H. Yang & J.-J. Liaw
    Device-free indoor localization and tracking using wireless sensor networks
    M.A. Bitew, R.-S. Hsiao, S.-J. Bair, H.-P. Lin & D.-B. Lin
    High-resolution digital camera for light field detection of low power LED with secondary optical lens
    H.L. Tseng, W.T. Huang, S.Y. Tan & W.L. Chang
    Enhanced document clustering using Wikipedia-based document representation
    K.-J. Hong, G.-H. Lee & H.-J. Kim
    Building concept graphs using Wikipedia
    G.-H. Lee, K.-J. Hong & H.-J. Kim
    A hybrid cloud model for a multicriteria group decision-making process
    T.-C. Chang & H. Wang
    Routing-aware power saving for IoT networks
    Y.-H. Fan
    Detection of multiple moving targets on the ground based on aerial imaging
    C.-H. Chen, T.-Y. Chen & Z.-C. Jiao
    Going deep: Improving Music Emotion Recognition with layers of Support Vector Machines 50
    Y.-J. Hsu & C.-P. Chen
    Modified Census Transform using Haar wavelet transform
    S.-C. Huang, J.-J. Liaw & H.-C. Chu
    Digital watermarking by using orthogonal line screens
    Y.-L. Chiu, H.-C. Wang & Y.-T. Tsai
    Improvement of post-process system using vector quantization on harmonic center frequency to regenerate vowel spectrum for speech enhancement
    C.-T. Lu, K.-F. Tseng & C.-T. Chen
    Analysis of security framework and protocol supporting for Internet of Things
    J.T. Kim T
    Applying multivariate analysis of variance and Kansei engineering theory to the website page design method
    C.-Y. Liu & P.-Y. Liao
    An HSAIL ISA conformed GPU platform
    H.-Y. Chen, C.-H. Chen, Y.-C. Huang, K.-C. Hsu & C.-C. Wang
    FPGA implemented architecture for spike sorting based on the Generalized Hebbian Algorithm
    C.-M. Ou, J.-F. Tu & H. Chen
    A study of interactive navigation in artifact collection agencies
    D.-Y. Liu, L.-Z. Chang, K.-S. Hsu, L.-F. Lai & C.-W. Yang
    An integration of smartphone APP with computer-aided design for manufacturing customized insole
    T. Kaewwichit, H.H. Leng, J.H. Cai & C.C. Chang

    Computational Science & Engineering
    An implicit Lie-group iterative scheme for solving the sinh-Gordon equation
    C.-W. Chang
    A novel vertical handover scheme for LTE-A mobile relay systems
    J.-Y. Chen, Y.-T. Mai & F.F. Young
    Design and implementation of a speech controlled omnidirectional mobile robot using a DTW-based recognition algorithm
    P.-Y. Chen, N.-S. Pai, G.-Y. Chen & H.-J. Kuang
    Simulation of cutting process by a coated cutting tool
    C.-M. Wu & C.T. Huang
    Simulation analysis of parameters of self-drilling screws
    C.-M. Wu & C.-Y. Lai
    Numerical simulation on Friction Stir Welding of aluminum alloy and oxygen-free copper
    C.-M. Wu & C.-R. Huang
    Quick implementation of FPGA chip control for a self-propelled vehicle searching light on the Simulink platform
    C.S. Shieh

    Electrical & Electronic Engineering
    Stochastic harmonic distortion and optimal filter design of MRT systems using Immune Algorithm
    H.-J. Chuang, W.-Y. Tsai, S.-L. Su, C.-S. Chen, C.-T. Hsu & C.-H. Lin
    Fuzzy-Neural-Network Inherited Total Sliding-Mode Control for robot manipulator
    R.-J. Wai, H.-Y. Ting & C.-H. Yu
    An inverter-based wide-band Low-Noise Amplifier with inductor peaking technique
    S.-F. Wang, C.-K. Chung, J.-C. Liau, Y.-H. Fan, J.-O. Wu & J.-J. Wang
    Delay-dependent stabilization condition for a class of T-S fuzzy systems with state and input delays
    S.-H. Tsai, Y.-A. Chen & Y.-W. Chen
    An 8-bit 3.2MS/s low power SAR ADC for high-resolution audio applications
    C.-H. Wang, J.-S. Chiang, W.-M. Hsu, W.-B. Yang, H.-Y. Shih & Y.-L. Lo
    A 200 MHz 23 mW high-efficiency Inductive Link Power Supply circuit with differential-driven CMOS rectifier and multiple LDOs in 0.18 μm CMOS process
    C.-W. Yang, H.-Y. Shih, W.-B. Yang & C.-H. Wang
    Implementation of an ultralow-voltage digitally controlled LDO in 0.18-μm CMOS technology
    Y.-L. Lo, B.-Y. Liu, X.-H. Xiang & W.-B. Yang
    A transient enhanced LDO with current buffer for SoC application
    W.-B. Yang, Y.-Y. Lin, M.-H. Hong, Y.-C. Lin, K.-N. Chang & Y.-L. Lo
    Detection of short-circuit faults in induction machines through harmonics of the neighboring magnetic field—experimental and Finite Element investigations
    V. Fireţeanu & R. Puşcă
    A voltage surveillance based switching controller with expandability
    C.-Y. Chao & C.-M. Hsu
    A high-efficiency interleaved DC-DC converter with zero-voltage-switching
    R.-Y. Duan & J.-Y. Lu
    Improvement of multilevel inverters battery-balancing performance
    C.-H. Wu & L.-R. Chen
    Study on voice signal control based LED lamp prototyping
    Y.-C. Hung & W.-J. Lai
    Image contrast enhancement by Improving Histogram Equalization algorithm
    B.-F. Wu, M.-L. Chung, C.-C. Ting & C.-C. Chiu
    Controllable Magnetic Brake for wind turbines
    L.-R. Chen, Y.-S. Lin, C.-H. Wu, J.-C. Hwang & C.-S. Liu
    Extraction of the engineering inverse algorithm for LED laser eutectic die bonding process parameters
    W.-Y. Chan & C.-M. Hsu
    On-line parameter estimation for position sensorless Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Generator drive
    Y.C. Chang, W.F. Dai, B.H. Lien & S.Y. Wang
    Smart control module design for IoT applications by a power meter SoC
    H.-F. Chen, Y.-T. Lin, C.-H. Wu, Z.-H. He, B.-L. Liou & Y.-K. Liao
    Blend novel recurrent modified Gegenbauer OPMPSONN control for a six-phase copper rotor IM servo-drive CVT system
    C.-H. Lin
    Fast Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic Generations
    J.-H. Teng, W.-H. Huang, T.-A. Hsu & C.-Y. Wang
    Automatic detection design and electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of synthetic graphite sheets
    R.-J. Wai, Y.-F. Lin & C.-C. Liao
    Study on the effect of temperature on CMOS transistor during chip designing
    Y.-C. Hung & Y.-H. Hsieh

    Mechanical & Automation Engineering
    The comprehensive dynamics simulation of the gearbox housing based on Patran
    Y.-M. Lee & C.-W. Liu
    Experimental measurement of thermal strain using optical fiber sensors
    S.-C. Her & C.-Y. Huang
    Spherical object recognition via a novel fuzzy-based color correction method
    S.-H. Tsai, Y.-W. Chen & Y.-A. Chen
    A constrained Model Predictive Control for Dual-Stage Actuator systems with improved tracking performance
    C.-Y. Lin & C.-Y. Chang
    Machinability analysis and setup optimization for five-axis machining
    W.-c. Lee & C.-c. Wei
    Task allocation and path planning for service robots based on swarm intelligence algorithms and Wireless Sensor Network localization
    K.-Y. Chen, C.-H. Chen, W.-C. Wang & H.-K. Wang
    Study on the characteristics of oil-magnet hybrid hydrodynamic bearing at low speed
    Y.-H. Fan, L.-Y. Lou & H.-J. Chang
    Time-delayed dynamic response and control of Shape Memory Alloy composite beam subjected to random excitation
    X.M. Li, Z.W. Zhu & J. Xu
    Study of automatic baud rate detection technology
    W.-C. Pu, H.-C. Chiung & M.-L. Hung
    Study of yield stress effect on a new Magnetorheological brake
    Y. Shiao & N.A. Ngoc
    Wind-shear encountered landing control based on Adaptive FCMAC
    J.G. Juang & T.C. Yang
    Gear-shift control strategy for automatic transmission based on clutches’ pressure
    Q.K. Wei, Y.L. Lei, B.Q. Hu, Z.W. Liu & X.Z. Li
    Front impact analysis and design improvement for an electric all-terrain vehicle
    J.S. Chen, H.Y. Hwang & Y.S. Chen
    An experimental investigation on the effect of engine performance and exhaust emissions by using a by-pass cooling air compressor device in the internal combustion
    M.-H. Hsueh & D.-F. Lin
    Finite element model updating of ventilated disc-brake rotors
    F.T. Kao, K.N. Chen, W.H. Gau & C.Y. Hung
    Study on the application of magnetic force to mold decoration formation
    M.-H. Tsai & S.-C. Tseng
    Coupled bending and torsional out-of-plane vibrations model of a frame structure with partially clamped joints
    S.-M. Lin, K.-W. Lee & W.-R. Wang

    Green Technology & Architecture Engineering
    Analysis of the offshore wind turbine structure with the earthquake influence
    K.Y. Huang, G.C. Tsai & B.J. Tsai
    Design and altitude control of a Kuroshio Generator System
    H.-C. Yu, G.-Y. Wu & Y.-Z. Kehr
    Measurements for tray fermented biological agents of fungus in a temperature–humidity controlled ambience
    R.-Y. Jou & J.-J. Cao
    Development of web-based Intelligent Living System based on ZigBee technology
    Y.-W. Wu, C.-M. Chen & C.-S. Yen
    Ecodesign: An example of take-away packaging
    H.-T. Tang & Y.-M. Lee
    Research on the control of the evaluation factors of the TVOC emissions from green building materials in Taiwan
    C.-C. Chen, C.-C. Lee & J.-L. Chen
    A study on energy performance of homestay industry in Taiwan
    M.-Y. Yang, T.-F. Wu, S.-L. Chen, H.-Y. Liao & S.-K. Lee
    A thermal comfort evaluation of the container house using the thermal admittance simulation process
    H.Y. Shih, Y.T. Chou, S.Y. Hsia & B.W. Lee
    Greenness and livability: An interwoven approach to successful environmental planning
    H.T. Tang & Y.M. Lee

    Innovation Design & Creative Design
    Angle deviation method for measuring the number of bubbles
    M.-H. Chiu & J.-M. Huang
    An innovation aid for developing products leading to LOHAS
    L.-H. Shih
    Relationships between aesthetic preferences, affective quality, and feeling quality of graphic user interfaces
    S.-M. Huang, S.-C. Tung & W.-J. Li
    Battlezone-Mapping game space into the museum
    P.-Y. Hu & P.-F. Tsai
    Exploring the impact of design innovation on the enhancement of brand strength—a case study of the creative industry in Taiwan
    K.-M. Chen & Y.-S. Lin
    Research on the application of calligraphy elements in product design
    F.-Y. Li
    A study of the usability of smartphone’s main menu for seniors
    N.T. Wang, M.C. Lo & H.C. Tang
    Smart navigation: A study on iBeacon technology used in a digital tour of the museum
    P.-L. Chang & Y.-L. Hsu
    Fabrication of micro lenses by steel ball indentations
    M.-J. Lin & Y.-R. Lai
    Value-added applications for the integration of dot-matrix hologram’s iridescent effects and movable type printing technology
    Y.-T. Tsai, H.-C. Wang & Y.-L. Chiu
    A novel RFID-based wireless thermal convection angular accelerometer for environmental safety monitoring
    J.-M. Lin, C.-H. Lin & C.-H. Lin
    The development of the asymmetric hexa-rotor aerial vehicle
    J.-T. Zou, C.-Y. Hsu & R.-F. Zheng
    Printmaking in a new area
    Q. Luo, K.-K. Fan & M.-C. Ho
    Wind driven mechanism for solar-panel cleaning
    S.-h. Wang, S.-C. Lin & Y.-C. Yang
    The imperative of congruent vision: Aligning the vision on innovations in SMEs
    K.C.K. Lee
    Difference analysis of users’ needs in automobile interior for female office workers–compact cars as example
    J.-C. Tu, Y.-w. Tu & Y.-T. Hung
    Strategies for revitalization of community craft industry
    P.-L. Hou & M.-C. Ho
    Research on teaching strategies to integrate creativity case activities into design courses
    T.-Y. Chang
    Learning through doing—building successful engineering design teams using personality typing strategies
    S.T. Shen & S.D. Prior

    Industrial Design & Design Theory
    Intuitive interface design for elderly-demented users
    Y.-W. Cheng, L.-H. Chen & Y.-C. Liu
    A TRIZ-based approach to integrating evolutionary trends and contradiction analysis for product design
    T.-L. Liu & F.-K. Liang
    Children’s intuitive and post use assessment of electronic drawing pens made for children
    T.-H. Chen & P.-J. Cheng
    Design and experiments on the operating force of a sliding door
    W.-F. Huang, S.-B. Wang, C.-H. Huang & C.-F. Wu
    Customized design of female high-heeled shoes based on market study of consumer’s demands and preferences
    H.-J. Liao, C.-C. Chang & W.-S. Ying
    A study of suitable adjective pairs for measuring tactile sensations
    W.-K. Hung, M.H. Lin & C.-C. Chang
    An integrated design approach based on conjoint analysis and TOPSIS algorithm to form design of product image
    H.-Y. Chen & Y.-M. Chang
    A study on psychology-based evaluation model for innovation design
    C.T. Wu & L.F. Yang
    Application of expert Delphi method in constructing evaluation indicators of design departments’ competitive advantage
    S.-P. Chiu, L.-W. Chuang & J.-C. Tu
    From Tainan City attractions to explore the impression of color and sound
    Y.-L. Huang, B.-F. Liao & F. Hsu

    Cultural & Creative Research
    Study on CPS spatial concept course and assessments for aboriginal children: With “rotation” and “mapping” as examples
    J.-Y. Chao, L.Y. Yao, C.-H. Liu & J.-Y. Chen
    A study on the key competencies of indigenous senior high students in PBL E-book production courses
    J.Y. Chao, R.Y. Xu & Z.W. Jiang
    Study on application of seal cutting character art in costume design
    H.-H. Hsu, Y.-C. Huang & W.-C. Tsen
    Leading-in and promotion of enterprise safety culture—integrated with multimedia design
    Y.-L. Hsu & P.-L. Chang
    A study on the Kansei imagery survey model based on cultural differences
    C.-I. Huang & S.-S. Guan
    Investigating models for reuse of historic buildings—Japanese-style dormitories
    S.-Y. Lai & S.-C. Chiou
    The planning and art creation for cultural game development—an example of Donggang King Boat Ceremony
    D. Lin
    Applying statistical analysis to deconstruct the transformation process of political campaigns in the information age
    S.-H. Chen & L.-H. Peng
    Study on cultural information transmission model for design of cultural products
    C.-H. Chen & S.-C. Lin
    The signs of Taiwanese traditional gold jewelry designs
    I.C. Chen & S.C. Chiou
    Study on the rhombic stripes of the aboriginal traditional apparels in Taiwan
    W.P. Hsun
    The visual communication of the city image: Tainan City’s case
    W.P. Hsun & X.Y. Long
    Micro-enterprise of cultural creative brands: Construction of entrepreneurial strategy and operation pattern
    T.-Y. Chang

    Applied Mathematics
    Driver workload evaluation using physiological indices in dual-task driving conditions
    G. Zhenhai, L. Yang, D. Lifei, Z. Hui & Z. Kaishu
    Applying Quality Function Deployment (QFD) to improve the competitiveness of a manufacturing enterprise
    M. Barad
    Application of the Refined Lindstedt-Pioncare Method based on He’s energy balance method to a strongly nonlinear oscillator
    G. Ge & Z.C. Yun
    Choquet integral regression model based on Liu’s second order multivalent fuzzy measure
    H.-C. Liu, H.-C. Tsai, Y.-K. Yu & Y.-T. Mai
    Fuzzy optimization based on the mixed-integer Memetic Algorithm
    Y.C. Lin & Y.C. Lin
    Integrating steps for solving second- and third-order nonhomogeneous linear ordinary differential equations
    F.-W. Yang, C.-M. Cheng & M.-L. Chen
    Fracture mechanics analysis of corroded pipeline with different corrosion conditions using computational simulation
    H.S. Huang, S.Y. Hsia, Y.T. Chou & Y.C. Yu
    Thermal characteristics of region surrounding laser welding keyhole
    C.Y. Ho, Y.H. Tsai & Y.C. Lee
    Reversible data hiding using content-based scanning and histogram shifting
    M.N. Wu & G.S. Chen
    A study on efficiency improvement of ion implanter by FMEA and FTA approaches
    C.W. Huang & T.S. Chen

    Management Science
    Research on the improvement of products’ external appearance by using Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
    T.-S. Lan, P.-C. Chen & C.-M. Chang
    Using DEMATEL-based ANP in analyzing critical factors and the customer preferences of 4G mobile services
    Y.-L. Liao & Y.-C. Hu
    Suppliers selection model in the Liquid-Crystal-Display industry
    C.-N. Wang, H.-S. Lin, Y.-H. Wang, Y.-R. Lee & M.-H. Hsueh
    An investigation and policy suggestions on long-term unemployment in the Yunlin-Chiayi-Tainan Region
    C.-Y. Shih
    Understanding the users’ willingness to help members in social media
    L.-W. Chuang & S.-P. Chiu

    The communication of sport facilities for caring for the aging society
    M.T. Wang & C.T. Lin
    A study on the left-handed population’s directional movement of the finger on touch devices
    T. Qin & J. He
    Application of mirror theory in fire-fighting equipment design
    D.-B. Luh & O. Huang
    Experimental teaching research on spaciousness of sculpture and deepness of form based on “Empirical-Interaction”
    L. Ma & Q. Jiang
    Practical research on “performance” teaching model in the Sound Design course of animation majors in colleges and universities
    Q. Jiang & L. Ma
    The study on the eye tracking data collected from watching animated movies
    L. Qing & M. Li
    The study on VJing—a new combination of visual art with life visual performance
    G. Shen
    Study on the mode of representation of the traditional grass cloth weaving techniques from the perspective of ‘Interactive Design’
    Z. Huang
    Study on the explosive crack in the organic glass of a trainer aircraft cockpit
    B.L. Dong, J.J. He, W.F. Zhang, W.T. Lou & H.P. Chen
    Fluid dynamic characteristic analysis of an eccentric butterfly valve
    T.J. Wu, C.K. Fang & G.C. Tsai
    Application of robust design to a process simulation of injection molding automotive parts
    W.T. Huang, D.H. Wu & C.L. Tsai
    The application of Support Vector Machine approach in studying cardiotoxicity of Traditional Chinese Medicine compounds
    J.F. Zhang, L.D. Jiang & Y.L. Zhang
    Comparative analysis of boron steel B1500HS constitutive models
    Q.L. Wang, B.T. Tang & W. Zheng

    Modeling and Simulation of Mechanical Systems
    On the effect of blade twist angle on Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine performance
    H.C. Weng & H.-R. Huang
    The Magnetohydrodynamic field on the surface instability of axisymmetric condensate films at liquid–vapor interfaces P.-J. Cheng, K.-C. Liu & D.D.W. Lin
    Vibration control of a structure using a shape memory material absorber based on fuzzy system
    C.-J. Lin, C.-Y. Lee & T.-Y. Chen
    Adaptive control design for Induction Motor with uncertain parameters: An LMI approach
    M.-F. Tsai, C.-S. Tseng & E. Chen
    Analysis of heat transfer in a pulse laser-irradiated tissue
    K.C. Liu, F.J. Tu & P.J. Cheng
    Error modeling for the leg mechanism of the quadruped walking chair robot
    H.B. Wang, S.S. Wang, Y.H. Wen & N. Chen
    Optimal manufacturing process of the mulberry on high GABA metabolites
    Y.L. Yeh, M.J. Jang, H.J. Sheu & Z.S. Cai
    Analysis of driver’s musculoskeletal characteristics and vehicle handling properties under different power-assisted steering systems
    Z. Gao, D. Fan, K. Zhao, H. Zhao & H. Yu
    Optimal hanger locations for automotive exhaust systems
    W.Z. Du, K.N. Chen, W.H. Liu, S.J. Chen & Y.L. Hwang
    Nonlinear vibration active control of structure
    S.-M. Lin & T. Minjun

    Automation and Intelligent Systems
    Social media: Explore the most influenced determinants of the social media to enhance customer’s satisfaction in current hyper-competitive M-commerce
    M.-Y. Hsieh & C.-J. Jane
    A novel approach of botnet feature analysis
    S.L. Chen, Y.Y. Chen, Y.T. Cheng, S.H. Kuo & H.P. Wang
    iAgentX: A novel cloud multi-agent architecture for machine information management
    S.-L. Chen, Y.-C. Lin & Y.-Y. Chen
    Improved customer satisfaction-based novel decision support system on airlines service by using the Particle Swarm Optimization method
    C.-L. Huang & C.-C. Huang
    Omnidirectional spherical robot
    C.-H. Chiu & Y.-T. Hung
    A defect type recognition system for underground power cable joint based on Semi-Supervised Learning algorithm
    H.-L. Shieh, C.-C. Kuo & C.-C. Huang
    Power cable insulation defect identification using ANN-based pattern recognition approach
    P.-H. Chen, L.-M. Chen, C.-C. Chen, H.-C. Chen & M.-C. Tsai
    Forecasting house prices using DCSVR
    C.-Y. Lee & J.-C. Hung
    Intelligent assessment and prediction for a customized physical fitness and healthcare system
    C.-C. Huang, H.-M. Liu, C.-L. Huang & Y.-T. Ke
    Sliding mode flight control design for an aircraft
    K.-C. Lin, S.-K. Yang & T.-Y. Chang
    Development of visual control interface for a mobile robot with a single camera
    C.-T. Chao, M.-H. Chung, C.-J. Wang & J.-S. Chiou
    Design of output feedback controllers for discrete Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems
    K. Hoshino & J. Yoneyama
    A framework for composing heterogeneous service tools involved in load testing lifecycle
    S.-J. Lee, Y.-C. Lin, K.-H. Lin & J.-L. You
    A new particle swarm optimization technique with iterative learning control for high precision motion
    Y.-C. Huang & M.-C. Hsu
    Intelligent synchronization of uncertain chaotic systems using adaptive dynamic TSKCMAC
    Y.-F. Peng, W.-F. Hu & Y.-J. Tsai

    Communication Network & Information Technology
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    Green and High Performance System Technology
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    Advanced Dynamics and Vibration Technology for Engineering Applications
    A highly dynamic current loop design for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor drive system
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    The effect of strain rate on the response of nonlinear material models of concrete
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    CFD analysis of membrane structure
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    Intelligent Algorithms, Systems and Applications
    Liveness face detection based on single image
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    Service Design Essentials and Practices
    Analysis of the service design of aboriginal tribes’ experience activities—taking an example of the Laiji Tribe in Alishan township
    S.-H. Hwang & H.-T. Su
    Co-creation design practice in intergenerational gaming product
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    Analysis of smartphone OS interface typology with Mobile Information Architecture
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    Aspects and factors analyses of public service design for pedestrian environment
    H.-Y. Hsu & D.-B. Luh

    Author index


    Dr. Teen-Hang Meen was born in Tainan, Taiwan in 1967. He received his BS degree from Department of Electrical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan in 1989, MS and PhD degree from Institute of Electrical Engineering, National Sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU), Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1991 and 1994, respectively. He was the chairman of the Department of Electronic Engineering from 2005 to 2011 in National Formosa University, Yunlin, Taiwan. He got the excellent research award of National Formosa University in 2008 and 2014. Currently, he is a professor with the Department of Electronic Engineering, National Formosa University, Yunlin, Taiwan. Since 2011, he is the president of Taiwanese Institute of Knowledge Innovation. He has published more than 100 SCI and EI papers in recent years.

    Dr. Stephen D. Prior has been working in the area of Field Robotics for the past 25 years. His research interest in autonomous systems relates to a shortlisted entry to the MoD Grand Challenge event in August 2008, where he led a team to design, make and test a novel unmanned aerial vehicle, which consisted of a patented Y6 arrangement. On the basis of this, he founded the Autonomous Systems Lab and has been researching with a small team of staff/students working on defence-related robotic technologies. He is on the editorial board for the International Journal of Micro Air Vehicles and has published widely on the subject. Recent work involved the design and development of a series of Nanotechnology platforms, which were demonstrated and flownat the DSEi exhibition at the Excel Centre in London (September 2011), as well as developing the winning entry to the DARPA UAVForge challenge 2012. During the last year he has been building a Tethered UAS solution for persistent stare capability.

    Dr. Artde D.K.T. Lam was born in Hong Kong in 1965. He received the B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan, in 1987, and the Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering (in fieldof mechanical design) from National Sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU), Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in 1993. Currently, he is a Distinguished Professor and the academic leader of the Xiamen Academy of Arts and Design, Fuzhou University, Xiamen, China. He also serves as the Director of the Department of Digital Media Arts and Design, Fuzhou University, and is Secretary-General at the Taiwanese Institute of Knowledge Innovation (TIKI). His current research interests include nanotechnology, innovation design, creative design and Fractal Theory.