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Applied Theatre in Context

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Routledge’s Applied Theatre in Context series documents the potency of the performing arts to provoke and disrupt the status quo, and ignite social change. The array of essays and conversations engages critically with a range of theories and current practices.

Each book is divided into thematic sections that open with an essay addressing a range of questions about the benefits, challenges, and learning opportunities of a particular type of applied performance. These are followed by response essays from practitioners, discussing how their own approach aligns with and/or diverges from that of the initial essay. Each section then ends with a moderated roundtable discussion between the essays’ authors, further exploring the themes, issues, and ideas that they have introduced.

This series will be a valuable resource for practitioners and the growing number of theatre and dance companies with education and community engagement programs. In addition, the collection demonstrates how the performing arts can innovate one's pedagogy and enliven the practice of multiple disciplines.

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Applied Theatre with Youth Education, Engagement, Activism

Applied Theatre with Youth: Education, Engagement, Activism

1st Edition

Edited By Lisa S. Brenner, Chris Ceraso, Evelyn Diaz Cruz
July 22, 2021

Applied Theatre with Youth is a collection of essays that highlight the value and efficacy of applied theatre with young people in a broad range of settings, addressing challenges and offering concrete solutions. This book tackles the vital issues of our time—including, among others, racism, ...

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