1st Edition

Applying Guiding Principles of Effective Program Delivery

By Kerry R. Wills Copyright 2014
    248 Pages
    by Auerbach Publications

    248 Pages
    by Auerbach Publications

    While today’s programs continue to grow in size and complexity, at the same time, their success rates remain low. To manage programs effectively in this environment, project managers and program managers must take a "consultative approach" that applies a core set of guiding principles across every function of the program.

    Applying Guiding Principles of Effective Program Delivery explains what it means to take a consultative approach. Instead of focusing on specific program management techniques, it covers the guiding principles required to make those techniques effective—making it applicable to any program in any industry. It identifies the eight guiding principles of effective program delivery and outlines proven strategies to help program managers succeed in the current environment.

    Filled with figures, case studies, and templates, the book illustrates the application of these principles across the various program functions—including financial management, schedule management, and resource management. It includes nine cases studies of actual programs from across several industries that demonstrate the application of these principles and their results. Supplying in-depth coverage of each function of the program office, it also contains 20 templates of the key deliverables outlined in the text.

    Intended for IT professionals tasked with managing large projects or programs, the book is an ideal reference for project managers and program managers who have a fundamental background in project and program management and are ready to improve their skill set and thinking on how to manage their work more effectively.

    The text concludes by summarizing the key lessons you need to understand to successfully apply the program management tools covered in the text in your own programs.

    Context and Case. Consultative Approach and the Program Office. Guiding Principles. Program Management Functions. Conclusions.


    Kerry R. Wills has worked as a consultant and a program manager for Fortune 500 companies on multimillion-dollar technology projects since 1995. During that time, he has gained experience in several capacities: as a program manager, project manager, architect, developer, business analyst, and tester. Having worked in each of these areas gives Kerry a deep understanding of all facets of an information technology program. Kerry has planned and executed over $1 billion of project and program work as well as remediated several troubled projects.

    Kerry is a member of Mensa and has a unique perspective on project work, resulting in 10 patents, several published books, and speaking engagements at over 20 project management conferences and corporations around the world. Kerry is a passionate speaker who has a reputation for delivering entertaining presentations combined with vivid examples from his experiences. Kerry enjoys hiking and has summitted peaks in New Hampshire, the Colorado Rockies, and Tanzania (Mount Kilimanjaro).