3rd Edition

Approaches to Art Therapy Theory and Technique

Edited By Judith Aron Rubin Copyright 2016
    528 Pages
    by Routledge

    528 Pages
    by Routledge

    The third edition of Approaches to Art Therapy brings together varied theoretical approaches and provides a variety of solutions to the challenge of translating theory to technique. In each chapter, the field's most eminent scholars provide a definition of and orientation to the specific theory or area of emphasis, showing its relevance to art therapy. The third edition includes many new chapters with material on a wide variety of topics including contemplative approaches, DBT, neuroscience, and mentalization while also retaining important and timeless contributions from the pioneers of art therapy. Clinical case examples and over 100 illustrations of patient artwork vividly demonstrate the techniques in practice. Approaches to Art Therapy, 3rd edition, is an essential resource in the assembly of any clinician's theoretical and technical toolbox, and in the formulation of each individual's own approach to art therapy.

    Acknowledgements  Contributors  Introduction  I. Foundations  1. Symbolizing and Seeing Laurie Wilson and Mala Betensky  2. The Therapist as Artist Mildred Chapin and Barbara Fish  3. Relational Aesthetics and Art Therapy  Catherine Moon  II. Psychodynamic Approaches  A. Psychoanalytic (Freudian)  4. Discovery and Insight in Art Therapy Judith Rubin  5. Sublimation and Art Therapy--Edith Kramer  5.1. Addendum Sublimation Elizabeth Stone  6. Variations on a Freudian Theme Elinor Ulman 7. Object Relations and Art Therapy Arthur Robbins  7.1 Object Relations Eleanor Irwin  8. Mentalization Based Art Psychotherapy Dominik Havsteen-Franklin  B. Analytic Therapy (Jungian)  9. Jungian Art Therapy  Nora Swan-Foster  9.1 Jung as Artist & Active Imagination  Michael Edwards and Edith Wallace III. Humanistic Approaches  10. Art Therapy: Humanism in Action Bruce Moon  11. Gestalt Art Therapy Janie Rhyne  12. Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy Natalie Rogers  13. Positive Art Therapy Gioia Chilton & Rebecca Wilkinson  IV. Contemplative Approaches  14. Art Making as Spiritual Path  Pat Allen  15. Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy  Laury Rappaport  16. Contemplative Art Therapy Michael Franklin  V. Cognitive & Neuroscience Approaches  17. Cognitive-Behavioral Art Therapy Marcia Rosal  18. Narrative Art Therapy in Trauma Treatment  Linda Gantt & Laura Greenstone  19. CREATE: Art Therapy Relational Neuroscience –Noah Hass-Cohen & Joanna.Clyde Findlay VI. Systemic Approaches  20. Family Art Therapy Barbara Sobol & Paula Howie  21. Group Art Therapy Katherine Williams & Tally Tripp VII. Integrative Approaches  22. Developmental Art Therapy Susan Aach-Feldman & Carole Kunkle-Miller  23. Art Therapy in Creative Education David Henley  24. Using Imagination and All of the Arts in Therapy Shaun McNiff  25. An Eclectic Approach to Art Therapy Harriet Wadeson  Conclusion  Index


    Judith A. Rubin, PhD, ATR-BC, is a licensed psychologist, a child and adult psychoanalyst, and a past president and honorary life member of the American Art Therapy Association. She is also co-founder and president of Expressive Media and has practiced art therapy since 1963. The creator of seven books and thirteen films, she serves on the faculties of the psychiatry department at the University of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Psychoanalytic Center in Pennsylvania.

    "A classic is reborn! Approaches to Art Therapy has been significantly restructured to preserve key elements while also presenting a bounty of new material. Historical models are updated, contemporary trends informed by brain science are introduced, and the role of the studio as a place of artistic and contemplative practice is re-examined. Much more than a new edition, this is a true re-visioning as only Judith Rubin could do."

    Randy M. Vick, MS, ATR-BC, LCPC, HLM, professor of art therapy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

    "Judy Rubin, a highly respected pioneer in the field, has lovingly reimagined her classic text for today’s art therapists. This third edition preserves the wisdom of many original contributors with fresh, contemporary perspectives across a broad spectrum of creative approaches. The intimate relationship between theories and practice is richly illuminated with hundreds of real-life examples in chapters by prominent art therapists."

    Lynn Kapitan, PhD, ATR-BC , professor and director of the professional doctorate in art therapy at Mount Mary University

    "The third edition of the classic Approaches to Art Therapy is rich with new material, while maintaining the integrity and solid theoretical foundation of earlier versions. Dr. Rubin has pulled together an immensely varied group of contributing authors. The book represents the broad range of current practices in art therapy, as articulated by some of today’s finest clinicians. Approaches to Art Therapy remains a vital addition to the library of anyone interested in the healing power of art."

    P. Gussie Klorer, PhD, ATR-BC, LCSW, LCPC, HLM, professor of art therapy counseling at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

    "Judith Rubin’s books feature prominently in my library, and this much-anticipated version of Approaches is a welcome addition. This book is a wonderful contribution to efforts to encourage the highest standards of professional competence in art therapy."

    Donna Betts, PhD, ATR-BC, board president of the American Art Therapy Association and research professor in the art therapy program at George Washington University