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Approaches to Cognition
Contrasts and Controversies

ISBN 9781138641020
Published May 31, 2018 by Routledge
346 Pages

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Book Description

To the vast majority of academic psychologists in the 1980s, the study of cognition referred to that area of psychology known as ‘cognitive psychology’. The major basis of this area had been the computer metaphor with its accompanying notion of the individual as an information-processing system. Yet within the field the study of cognition is much broader and has a history that reaches into antiquity, whereas ‘cognitive psychology’ as information-processing psychology had only recently become the standard bearer of cognitive studies.

One of the purposes of this volume, originally published in 1986, was to articulate some of the fundamental distinctions between and concordances among different orientations concerning the study of cognition. The collection includes chapters on information processing, ecological, Gestalt, physiological, and operant psychology.

Table of Contents

Preface  1. Cognitive Psychology and Philosophy of Mind Daniel N. Robinson  2. The Emergence of Cognitive Psychology in the Latter Half of the Twentieth Century Terry J. Knapp  3. The Information Processing Approach to Cognition Stephen E. Palmer and Ruth Kimchi  4. Why I Am Not a Cognitive Psychologist B.F. Skinner  5. Bringing Cognition and Creativity into the Behavioral Laboratory Robert Epstein  6. Understanding Animal Cognition Donald A. Riley, Michael F. Brown and Sonja I. Yoerg  7. J.J. Gibson’s Ecological Theory of Information Pickup: Cognition From the Ground Up William M. Mace  8. From Gestalt to Neo-Gestalt Lynn C. Robertson  9. Cognitive Intervention in Perceptual Processing Irvin Rock  10. Toward a Computational Neuropsychology of High-Level Vision Stephen Michael Kosslyn  11. Cognitive Neuropsychology Dean C. Delis and Beth A. Ober  12. Putting Cognitive Psychology to Work: Examples from Computer System Design Louis M. Gomez and Susan T. Dumais  13. A Coordination of Differences: Behaviorism, Mentalism, and the Foundations of Psychology Roger Schnaitter.  Author Index.  Subject Index

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