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    by CRC Press

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    Given the essential role that primary producers play in aquatic ecosystems, it is imperative that the potential risk of pesticides to the structure and functioning of aquatic plants is adequately assessed. An integration of regulatory and research information from key specialists in the area of environmental regulation, Aquatic Macrophyte Risk Assessment for Pesticides provides a state-of-the-art guide to ecotoxicological risk assessment. Written by well-known experts in the field of aquatic risk assessment, this book is a practical reference for the assessment of the risk of pesticides with herbicidal activity to aquatic macrophytes.

    The book supplies a concise, coherent, and science-based view from influential regulators, academics, and industry scientists. They address the selection of additional species, critical regulatory endpoints, and assessing the risk of plant protection products to aquatic macrophytes. They also present a clear description of key issues in macrophyte risk assessment, information on macrophyte test methods, suitable measurement endpoints, and data evaluation and interpretation.

    Filled with recommendations distilled from existing regulatory experiences of aquatic macrophyte risk assessment, the book includes case studies to identify issues, data gaps, and inadequacies in study design. It also identifies improvements to risk assessment that could be implemented immediately and those for which further research is needed. An authoritative resource, the book points the way to an improved approach to aquatic macrophyte risk assessment. 

    Introduction and Background. Guidance, Recommendations, and Proposed Decision Scheme for Additional Aquatic Macrophyte Tests. Regulatory Issues Concerning Effects of Pesticides on Aquatic Macrophytes. Characterizing and Assessing Risk using Case Studies. Reports of Workgroups and Follow-up Investigations. Keynote Presentations. References. Appendices.


    Lorraine Maltby, Dave Arnold, Gertie Arts, Jo Davies, Fred Keimbach, Christina Pickl, Veronique Poulsen