1st Edition

Arabia Unified A Portrait of Ibn Saud

By Mohammed Almana Copyright 1980

    First Published in 1980 Arabia Unified presents an insider’s view of Saudi Arabia’s history and the remarkable career of its founder. The book covers the capture of Riyadh from the Saud family’s greatest rivals, the Rashid’s, and the eventual defeat of Al Rashid at the battle of Rowdhat Muhanna; the elimination of Ibn Saud’s most implacable enemies; the incorporation of the provinces of Asir and Hejaz into the kingdom; and the rise, rebellion, and eventual defeat of the puritanical Ikhwan tribesmen. Author describes life with the King’s Bedouin warriors and the intricacies of the Arabian tribal system; the confrontation with the Imam Yahya of the Yemen; and finally, the start of the oil exploration which was to transform the country. The author concludes with his own account of the King’s character and achievements.

    Full of humor, anecdote and reminiscence, an accurate and personal record, this book is essential reading for all who wish to know about the history of Saudi Arabia.

    List of Maps List of Illustrations Acknowledgements Preface 1. Arabia Frequens 2. The Capture of Riyadh 3. The Fall of Al Rashid 4. The Consolidation of a Kingdom 5. Hejaz and Asir 6. The Rise of Ikhwan 7. The Battle of Sibillah 8. The End of Ikhwan 9. St John Philby 10. The King’s Court 11. Personalities 12. The Yemen 13. The Oil Story 14. Ibn Saud Appendices Index


    Mohammed Almana